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Weigth gain

asked by anjuzzzz on 14 September 2017 15:13
Hello Sir.. I am anjana 21 year old 42 kg Weight Hight 5'1 inch i am very skinny girl. so How to get Weight...... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Weight gain in vaat dominating person is tough compared to kapha dominating people as the main guna of kapha is fat accumulationAlso hereditary factor along with lifestyle further determine the body metabolism which decides the rate of accumulation of fat with in the bodyProper exercise for 40 minutes per day including cycling, gyming, swimming, jogging and balanced diet are highly advised to.. Read more

I want to gain my weight

asked by mukesh45 on 4 November 2014 16:19
hello sir/mam i want to gain my weight i am going to gym but my weight is 63kg so i want to increase 7kg more so i can have good body shape.today i vist your patanjali chikitsalaya so i tell them my problem that i want to gain the weight so they give me 3 type of powder 1)100gm powdr Shatavari churan 2)100gm powdr shvet musli churan 3) 100 gm powder ashwagandha ch. so can you tell me this can i... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- BMI gives a rough idea about healthy weight. Your BMI is within the normal range, but your weight also depends on your weight of the bones and muscles as you also going to the gym. So to increase weight you can continue with the medicines Aswagandha churnam, Satavari churnam and Safed musli churnam. The nourishment of the body happens with the transformation of the dhathus. For that the strength of.. Read more

Divya Medohar vati in pregnancy

asked by swatijaingupta13 on 28 August 2014 15:52
Namastey Baba ji, Me Meerut se hu and mera pregnancy ka ninth month chal raha hai and mera is period me 18 kg weight bad gaya hai. mere height 5\' 1\" hai and meri age 26 years hai. Pregnancy se pehle mera weight 54 tha. Baba ji I am so worried ki ab me apna weight kam kar paungi ya nahi. Mera weight arms se thighs se and brest se bhi bhut bad gaya hai. Mujhe koi bhi bimari jaise blood... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- It is better to avoid any medicines during and after delivery. The increased weight can be reduced by proper eating and by implementing exercises. Breast feeding will make use of extra calories which will help to reduce the weight. The weight will reduce naturally if you follow some lifestyle changes. Nourishing food is essential to nourish the baby. The medicines which help in weight loss reduces the.. Read more

Medohar vati and weight gain

asked by das.pooja866 on 25 July 2014 11:22
I have migraine problem and diagnosed by neurologist. He gave medicine and after 6 months I gained 8 kg. I have started taking medohar vati please tell me wen will get results. Will I be able to lose my weight or... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Migraine is caused commonly due to the vascular changes in the blood vessels. The medicines are used to reduce the pain and prevent the attacks. So to prevent the attacks antidepressants are generally prescribed which will increase the weight. Along with that the unhealthy eating and lack of excercise will add on the weight. You can take Medohar Vati - 2tablets thrice daily and along with that.. Read more

Mota hone ki Dawai bataiye Baba ji...

asked by Bhai ji on 24 July 2014 23:37
Mera name Rajveer h, Baba ji pranam, me bahut patla hu mera weight 48 kg hi h, Baba ji meri age 22 year h , plz muje mota hone ka upaay batayiye ... Read More
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Weight gain

asked by kati on 5 February 2014 19:07
sir my age is 31 year, and my weight is 65 kg.my height is 6 feet.and i am married.i wanna to weight gain 75,plz give me some advice and... Read More
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Weight gain & pregnency

asked by vamini on 18 January 2014 15:33
hello I am vamini,26yrs.(female).my problem is my under weight, that is only 38 k.g. I am married women and my weight before marriage was 42 k.g, but after marriage I loose my weight 4 k.g. I am trying to conceive last 5 month, but there is no progress. I have done all my test like thyroid, pelvis etc, but DOCTOR found no disease, all is normal. My period is not normal, it comes ten days late... Read More
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For weight gain

asked by psingh on 10 December 2013 9:39
Hello sir, Mein 26saal yuvak hoon. Sir meri problem ye hai ke mera weight nahi barh raha. Mera weight 48kg hai,height 5'5. Sir gaal bhi pichke hue hain. Mujhe weight barhne ki salah dijie. sir kya weight kam hone karn dhat nikalna to nahi. Sir mein batana chahata hoon ke mein pehle hand pratice bahut ki hai,kya us vajah se kamjori ai. Sir mein bahut... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As per your given query, your body mass index is 16.3 that indicates underweight range and there are many possible reasons where there is low weight, mainly there could be nutritional imbalances and inadequate nutrition problem and if you are not getting well balanced nutrition and if at all if you are consuming adequate food and not doing any exercises physically, there are chances of delayed.. Read more

Weight gain

asked by Tinkutiw on 19 October 2013 9:41
sir my brother is of 17 years having height 174cm. due to his 'HIGH BMR' he is so skinny and his weight is only 48 Kg.His appetite is also high, he eats almost whole day but have no effect in his body weight.He felt laziness whole day.please suggest some medicine for this problem.what should he prefer in his... Read More
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Weight gain

asked by kashish on 19 October 2013 1:08
I am 25 yrs female...my weight is 40 kg..my body is very lean. I get tired easily n my skin feels warm. I have good appetite and menstrual cycle is normal.i want to gain weight... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- Weight gain can be achieved by taking medicines with a good diet and Ayurveda advises to have a happy mind. This improves digestion which makes a better absorption and helps to increase weight. It takes minimum of 3months to show some changes. It depends on the transformation and absorption of the food you eat. Some act quickly, some slowly or moderately. Ayurvedic medicines help to enhance it along.. Read more


asked by VID999 on 16 October 2013 15:55
Tell me some Ayurvedic medicines which are cheap also and help me to gain weight QUICKLY also. ALSO, since i don't like milk, please give those medicines which i can take without milk. AND no HOME REMEDIES... Read More
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Weight gain and exercise

asked by VID999 on 15 October 2013 16:48
Sir, i want to gain weight. An ayurvedic doctor has told me some medicines and advised me to exercise daily as well. But exercises cause loss in calories, then how can they help in weight gain to a... Read More
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Weekness and weight gain

asked by kamya on 22 September 2013 13:09
I'm 26 married woman.Im 5.2 tall and weigh 48.i always feel week n lazy.I get tired soon as I don't do too much work.I have also period problem,they are irregular and don't have heavy bleeding.I'm also underweight due to lack of appetite.i want to have an attractive personality pls suggest some... Read More
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Dr.Gautam Says:- Hello The symptoms you have mentioned seems to be a metabolic disorderKindly consider the following advice: Ashwagandha Choornam: 1tsp with 1 glass milk after breakfast Ashokarishtam: 15ml at after dinner Morning walk for about 20mins Start having food in time, include more fruits, vegetables, soups and milk products make sure you sleep for atleast 6-7 hours Drink adequate water If still your.. Read more

Regarding weight gain

asked by ramnaresh on 23 August 2013 14:47
Sir, i am 40 years old i have losted weight 7kgs in recent 2 years i have tested all reports even Hiv all are normal please suggest me some ayurvedic medicines to increase... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- Hi Thanks for your query.Since you have taken all tests,did you check for thyroid as well? Weight loss without intention to lose may happen because of some stress, loss of appetite or any other illness. As you have checked,you can try Ayurvedic medicines.It takes time at least 3months for the body to absorb and nourish the tissues.Eventhough slow it will help you.Could you please send your reports to.. Read more

About weight gain

asked by vinay kumar on 9 August 2013 18:01
hi sir, mai vinay kumar meri umar 25 saal hai height 170 cm hai par mera weight 50 kg hai please weight gain karne ka koi ayurvedica tarika bata dijiye..... Read More
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Help for Weight gain

asked by ravi.agnihotri on 6 August 2013 18:18
Respected sir,mera pet thik nahi rahta hai jis bajah se mera wieght bahut kam hai mai ek marred person ho aur two bacche bhi hai meri age 32 years hai mera weight only 44 kg. hai Please help me for weight gain because mai ek hasi ka patra ban kar rah gaya ho mujme heen bhavna bhar gayi hai kahi jane ka man nahi karta hai.Please hel me.& suggest me medicine for weight... Read More
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Gin weight

asked by zoradonga on 31 July 2013 2:00
Hello sir! I am 19 year boy with skinny body. i what to put on weight but my body resists, its like i eat a lot (healthy food) but no result shown on body . i have hear of a plant/herb by Baba Ramdev but unable to remember it.Please replay as soon as... Read More
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Weight gain

asked by nidhi sharma on 28 July 2013 8:31
Hello doctor I m 22 year old and m married and I m on regular contraceptive pills since 1 year bt I hav gained 17 kg weight since 2 years my height is 5'6" and my weight is 73 kg doctor pls help and... Read More
Dr.Saurabh Says:- Dear Nidhi, your question itself has the answer As you are taking contraceptive pills for so long so it is quite obvious that the hormonal balance of your body would have been totally irregular so i think you need to talk to your gynae doctor first and stop intake of contraceptives anymoreAnd , believe me you will get rid off it very soon,Secondly, As so many toxins have been accumulated in your body.. Read more

Gas trouble, sleep loss and weight gain

asked by naheed wali on 29 June 2013 15:56
47 years old female, married having four children, removed uterus three years back, have migraine attacks atleast once a month, cant sleep at times all night long... m weighing 82kg n want to loose some weight, lower abdomen is swollen making the tummy a bulk of flesh, due to hair demage they dont grow in... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- dear you may get evaluated for thyroid etc ,and get the pathological tests done You also need to eat well, like drink lukewarm water entire day, eat little less than your capacity and also dont take Curd at night Secondly you may start taking gaisantak vati Also make time for doing yoga which is the most important part for your health besides the eating , you may do yoga as yoga vcd for.. Read more

Please help for weight gain

asked by ravidra on 27 June 2013 0:43
Sir namskar , Sir me 17 saal ka ho , mera weight only 40kg hay , height 5.5 hay . me weights kaise gain karo, me kafi bhojan karta ho lekin weight gain nahi hota , Joe opay batay sir... Read More
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Dr.Gautam Says:- Hello Kindly consider taking de-worming tablet/medicines Please consider the following suggestion: Vidaryadi ghritam: 1tsp early morning empty stomachPippalyasavam: 10ml twice daily after breakfast and dinner Kooshmanda rasayanam: 1 tsp at bedtime followed by a glass of milk Take food regularly, include more of milk products in your diet like milk, curd, ghee and cheese. Also try and take soups like.. Read more
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