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Weight loss - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

How to use Triphla for weight loss & constipation

asked by Varesh on 29 July 2013 10:50
Dear Doctor, I am Male 40 yrs old 109 kg weight, 5`10`` height. I am suffering from Constipation & obesity. I was told by some Retailer to use triphla for both these conditions. He advised me to mix some qty in 250 ml water and boil to reduce to half, add honey in this concentrated liq and drink. It gave good results in constipation atleast. Can u provide me the details on qty of triphla &... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Dear Varesh, Thanks for your inquiryObesity is a metabolic disorder and the main cause is life style. If the obesity is not of a hereditary predisposition , it can be managed by diet,exercise or yoga and herbal supplements For Constipation you can take- Triphala churna- 1 tsp with luke warm water daily at bed timeTake 6 prunes(dried plums) a dayInclude fiber rich foods and leafy vegetables in diet For.. Read more
Hamdard labub kabir
It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves vigour an..
Ashwashila capsule
Patanjali Ashwashila capsule is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit which makes it a powerful..
Addyzoa Capsules
Addyzoa Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Male Functional Infertility, Oligosper..
Sanda Oil
Sanda Oil helps to generate heat in organ and helps to pump more blood in the shaft which gives hard..

Weight gain

asked by nidhi sharma on 28 July 2013 8:31
Hello doctor I m 22 year old and m married and I m on regular contraceptive pills since 1 year bt I hav gained 17 kg weight since 2 years my height is 5'6" and my weight is 73 kg doctor pls help and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Saurabh):- Dear Nidhi, your question itself has the answer As you are taking contraceptive pills for so long so it is quite obvious that the hormonal balance of your body would have been totally irregular so i think you need to talk to your gynae doctor first and stop intake of contraceptives anymoreAnd , believe me you will get rid off it very soon,Secondly, As so many toxins have been accumulated in your body.. Read more

Weightloss post pregnancy

asked by shweta25feb on 26 July 2013 15:48
Age 29 female, I gave birth to a girl 11 minths back thru c section. Case of cpd and 3.7 kg baby. I still have loose muscles aroung tummy and weight 67 kg (height 5 feet). I was 58 kgs before gettjng pregnant. I want to reduce weight and tone up muscles. Please suggest what yoga assans shud I do and what changes in diet are recomended. Also my menstural cycle has become irregular and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Jilsy):- Hello, Thanks for your inquiryGaining weight during pregnancy is essential. Since it is 11 months after delivery, it is high time to reduce weight and tone muscles. For that you can do the following asanas- Bhujangasana Dhanurasana Chakrasana Paschimottanasana Sarvangasana Pavanamuktasana Merudandasana(straight leg raise) Suryanamaskar Kapalabhati Pranayama is also effective in weight loss Diet Drink.. Read more

Gas trouble, sleep loss and weight gain

asked by naheed wali on 29 June 2013 15:56
47 years old female, married having four children, removed uterus three years back, have migraine attacks atleast once a month, cant sleep at times all night long... m weighing 82kg n want to loose some weight, lower abdomen is swollen making the tummy a bulk of flesh, due to hair demage they dont grow in... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear you may get evaluated for thyroid etc ,and get the pathological tests done You also need to eat well, like drink lukewarm water entire day, eat little less than your capacity and also dont take Curd at night Secondly you may start taking gaisantak vati Also make time for doing yoga which is the most important part for your health besides the eating , you may do yoga as yoga vcd for.. Read more
Sanda Oil
Sanda Oil helps to generate heat in organ and helps to pump more blood in the shaft which gives hard..
Maharishi Amrit Kalash
Good for nerves, promotes vitality and inner strength of Men...
Hamdard labub kabir
It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves vigour an..
Addyzoa Capsules
Addyzoa Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Male Functional Infertility, Oligosper..

I want to loss weight

asked by Shri Harsha on 10 June 2013 19:19
Hi Dr, I am 25 years old, my weight is 84.3Kg, my height is 5.9ft, according to my BMI I need to reduce 11Kg and burn my tummy fat. Can you please suggest me with good Ayurvedic medicine? Because of aver weight, sometimes I get keen pain as well Kindly... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear to loose weight not only some medicine but with it life style and food habits need to change of a healthy transition and a sustained one You may practice yoga according ot yoga for obesity,k it will help you loose weight EAT at regular times and do not snack in between. Drink warm water entire day EAT more salads and fruits You may take herbal peya,AYurvedic obesity ayurvedic.. Read more

Weight loss and hair loss

asked by sushrita on 10 April 2013 7:15
Namaste swamiji, I am sushrita 26 of age.after my baby i put some weight and sever hair loss too.Iam always doing kapalbhati for 30 minutes.IS it enough to overcome my problem.PLEASE give me the solution. Thank u swamiji ke charnno main koti koti... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sanjay):- they are trichup oil altenate with herbal protein.. Read more

Quick weight loss

asked by akansha_2203 on 30 March 2013 0:13
Hi I am 5 feet 1 inch, weight is 60 and i want to loose weight quickly but by natural means. does medohar vati help in weight loss and what exercise or diet regime should i follow. please help... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Guest You can manage your weight by natural means and in a healthy way so that there are lesser side effects on the health Varunadi kashaya with Arogyavardhini vati will help reduce and push the metabolism which will help loosen up the fat and metabolize it Also you can take obesity ayurvedic pack But alon with it you need to do yoga regularly, we would like to recommend you Yoga vcd for.. Read more

Obesity and weight loss

asked by mikitiki on 23 January 2013 11:59
i am overweight i am of 16 and having a weight of 67 kg and height 5.1 inc i want 2 reduce natuarally and even i want reduce my waist size it 36 i want it to be 30 and and i want lose fat from thighs and hip and... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- You may do the above regimen from 1 month to 3 months,then on and off , Also you can always write back to us for further managementYou may add Varanadi kashayam with.. Read more

Hypothyroidism weight gain hair loss fatigue

asked by zainabk on 10 January 2013 8:59
permanent solutions to hypothyroidism naturally. Im 21 years old and experiencing the weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss, dry skin. many symptoms. I am not interested in taking synthetic hormone. I also drink herbs everyday- turmeric, fennel seed, ghee, coconut oil. I'm tired of this disease. please help Im female. I also went through a stage of anorexia and bulimia 2 years ago. A stage of... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Geetika):- Hypothyroidism is a condition in which there is a deficiency of thyroid hormone.Thyroid hormones are required for metabolism.Yoga helps in stabilising thyroid gland.Asanas like sarvangasana and suryanamaskar with pranayam especially ujjayi pranayam helps in secreting thyroid hormones.Cosume food rich in iodine.As for ayurvedic medicine you can take package medicine for the diseaseDr.. Read more

Charbi Weight Loss

asked by Pandav on 19 November 2012 12:15
Guru ji, My Hight is 5.7" & Weight is 110 Kg. i want to Reduce it as per Body Mass Index. Please Suggest me the Medicine & Shop where it was available at Thane-Badlapur... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As per your given details, Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 38.1. This means your weight is in obese range. It is very difficult task for you to reduce your weight however, you can achieve by keeping shortterm goals and steady goals which will help you to reduce your weight. There are certain methods which you can combine to reduce your weight. You must understand that you cannot achieve.. Read more

Am i taking the right dosage of medhoharvati

asked by raksha on 4 November 2012 9:54
I am 38yrs 5.3ft in height and 72kgs in weight.I have been diagonised with thyroid problem and am on thyroid medication.Even after taking thyroid medicine my weight has not gone down.Have now started Medhohar vati, taking 2 pills two times a day 1 hr after food.Am i doing it right and will medhoharvati help with thyroid.Please advice thank... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Geetika):- Yes Medohar vati helps in reducing Weight and you have to take it with warm water twice daily but you can take it before meals. With thyroid problem you can even take Triphala Guggulu one tablet twice daily after meals . You can even take package of thyroid medicine.Practicing pranayam Like Bhramri,Ujjayi,udgeeth,helps in controlling Thyroid.You have to strictly control your diet avoiding fatty and.. Read more

Weight loss and IBS

asked by Player22 on 22 October 2012 20:06
i m 32,height 5'8", male.weight 88 kg. i want to reduce my weight but because of IBS,i couldn't do more diet and gym for that.please suggest some medicine.i m taking triphala water in morning once between 2... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Since you are suffering from IBS, whatever food you are taking is not digested, absorbed, and assimilated properly. In order to bring back your de-arranged metabolism to normal, you need a combined therapy apart from allopath care. Such as diet, yoga, pranayama, and medications Since you have a sensitive stomach, avoid those foods which are hard to digest, some foods you should strictly.. Read more

Weight Loss & Hypothyroid

asked by swati332 on 24 September 2012 15:21
Hello Doc, I am 26 years old. My height is 5'5" and weight is 75 Kgs. I am about to get married in next 3 months. I am suffering from Hypothyroid. I am doing workout daily for 1 and a half hour, but I know that if I want to look slim on the big day, I have to loose at leat 20 Kgs which is quite impossible in 3 months. Kindly suggest me something, some ayurvedic pills and yoga because I... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As per your given details your body mass index (BMI) is 27.6. This means your weight is in the Overweight range. Your current BMI is greater than the recommended range of 18.5 to 24.9 and to be within the right range for your height, you should weigh between 50 kg and 68.0 kg. So, you have to keep a proper goal to reduce weight. As you have thyroid related issues, there may be chances of.. Read more

Weight loss natural remedies

asked by aashi on 21 September 2012 16:22
i m 66 kgs. n 5'4". my age is 26. n i m unmarried. i have flabby abdomen, arms, n back. pls suggest me natural remidies to reduce weight soon. n yoga asans to get in... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, As Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 25.1 according to your given details which shows that your weight is within the Overweight range and as you are concerned about controlling weight and wants to maintain shape of the body. Before suggesting some remedies, I would like to suggest that there are certain tendencies of weight gain and deposition of fats which has to be considered. So, along with.. Read more

Weight Loss Concern

asked by ABD2 on 13 September 2012 12:22
Hello Doctor, My weight is around 63 kgs and I'm in early 20's .The problem is I have lot of fat accumulated in my thigh region,only because of which the shape of whole body looks odd.Please help with this and let me know how can I reduce my weight and specially thigh... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Uneven fat distribution of fats in belly, waist, and hips, and thighs, or lower body weight are quite common in females of two categories. The first category would be sedentary lifestyle, and the second category would be hereditary predisposition. So, one must consider all these factors and the method of treatment should be undergone accordingly. As your weight is 63 kg and there is no.. Read more

Weight Loss and Body Shape

asked by Choudhry on 22 August 2012 9:56
Sir I am fat around the belly, buttocks and thighs. It is like a huge tyre of fat which hangs around. What can I do about it. I am 32 years old lady. I have lost about 10 Kg weight in Gym. But now the skin has become loose. At present I am weighing 68 Kgs.... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Usually, there is a tendency of weight gain depending up on lifestyle and food habits, however, even genetic factors are also considered for overweight issue or obesity issue along with fat depositions in waistline and lower portion of the body. As your age is 32 years, you need to undergo some basic tests like lipids, liver function and other similar tests to ensure that you do not have.. Read more

Weight Loss Medicine

asked by Ankita4789 on 10 August 2012 10:16
I am 23 years old and 5'4" tall. My weight is 65 Kgs. I gain weight very easily even though my diet is not heavy and I eat low spicy food. Please suggest me some medicine through which I can lose the extra fat in my... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Weight gain can happen even if the low diet is consumed mainly because of slow metabolism. Metabolism is the rate with which one's body burn the calories to strength to the body. Slow metabolism means less calorie burning. There are some medicines which raise the metabolism if slow Some ayurvedic products for weight loss:- Organic Weight Balance Capsules Divya Medohar vati Amla juice can also.. Read more

Chyawanprash and weight loss

asked by judygodchild218 on 31 July 2012 21:20
I am told that Chyawanprash improves digestion power and promotes proper growth and body nourishment. Does consuming Chyawanprash everyday help in weight loss, if you control your food... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Yes Chyawanprash does help in weight loss and toning of body. If used regularly it helps in shedding extra weight and one can get good physique... Read more

Weight loss during pregnancy

asked by Sravya on 28 July 2012 14:46
Hello sir, My weight 75kg. height 5'2". Im married. Now i am using medicine to get conceive from 6 months. i want to use medohar vati to reduce weight. Is there any side efftects consuming both ayurvedic and english medicines. Reply me... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- You should not try to combine both also you are trying to conceive so just avoid taking any kind of.. Read more

Is medohar helpful in weightloss

asked by kaju26 on 24 May 2012 14:56
I am 36 yrs old housewife. my weight is 86kilos i am overweight for past 10 yrs. Is MEDOHAR helpful for me. how many times should i take it.Is there any... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Krish):- Hello, Pls do mention ur height alos along with the weight, so that it will be easy for us to Calculate BMI and let u know how many Kg's u need to lose Divya Medohara Vati Dosage: 2 tabs twice daily before food Yes medohara vati is very much beneficial for weight loss but only this medicine won't help, you need to add on medicines such as Ayaskrithi 15 ml morning and night after food.. Read more
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Addyzoa Capsules
Addyzoa Capsules is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Male Functional Infertility, Oligosper..
Sanda Oil
Sanda Oil helps to generate heat in organ and helps to pump more blood in the shaft which gives hard..
Patanjali Youvan Churna
It is useful in treating general debility, weakness, improves strength and stamina, and builds up im..
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