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About baby fair home remedies

asked by Vars on 15 November 2017 16:30
Hello sir vars .I have one daughter of 2months sir colour become dull or dark.pls tell me any home remedies.about how to get fair skin for a... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The color of the skin depends mainly on the melanin present in the skin based on the genetic influence. So the color is decided by the genes and hence medicines will not alter it. But general skin healthy measures can be taken. Gentle sun exposure is necessary and too much exposure may darken the complexionBabies are generally born with a pinkish tinge and as the circulation improves the original.. Read more

Medicines to baby

asked by kundan mukhia on 7 November 2017 13:57
can we give auyurvedic medicineslike cough medicines,chawanprash and other medicines to a to a two (2) year old baby instead of giving allopathy medicines and antibiotics for cough and cold.Can you suggest any other medicines and products that we can give to small babies which does not have side effects and can we give honey to the... Read More
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Baby Eczema

asked by Mandira on 16 August 2016 19:52
Dear Doctor, My baby is 2months old. She had a brain injury at birth because of moderate HIE(lack of oxygen at birth). Had seizures in first hour. She is now on medication to avoid any further seizures. Also she stretches to one side so much so that she starts crying after that. Neurologist said it could be because of muscle stiffness. And gave medicine for that as well. Total I am giving her 3... Read More
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Toddler Eczema

asked by AksharAvyan on 28 July 2016 2:48
Age - 20 Months toddler gender - Boy Present Complain : Avyan has rash problem/mild eczema. We have already tried all the prescription medicine, consulted dermatologist but everything seems help for a while and again flares up. He is very itchy on whole body and has also developed patches due to steroid cream. Can you please suggest some natural remedy to control baby eczema. Thanks in... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Eczema occurs in the skin due to an allergic reaction. In children, there will be more itching and they tend to scratch. Ayurvedic medicines must be taken for 3 months to reduce the symptoms. Please let me know the symptoms to guide you further Medicines like Divya Mahamanjishtharistha and Divya Nimb Ghan Vati can be taken and reviewed. Elemine Cream can be applied externally. Include greens, snake.. Read more

About aml and downs syndrome

asked by geethan on 20 July 2016 10:02
sir my baby is having 9 months age and birth he is having downs syndrome and aml with mo. due to that in blood the abnormalities are there like hb wbc pltelets n blast are fluctuating. presently he is underprocess in chemo theraphy so is there any medicine for the above... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Downs syndrome increases the risk of leukemia in some of them based on the genetic mutation. In that case, leukemia has to be treated with normal chemotherapy sessions. Please let me know the investigation reports to guide you further Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Lohasava, Punarnava capsules and Aswagandha lehyam - 1tsp before food twice daily can be taken as supportive medicines along with.. Read more

Need baby .................

asked by murali007eee on 5 July 2016 9:20
Dear doc, My sister got married five years back,but now itself there is no baby. Please tell some useful tips, Consult many doctors to checkup both but there is no problem, Finaly i come baba treatment. Please tell some... Read More
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Which ayurvedic food or medition will help to improve baby weight

asked by saivik on 18 April 2016 21:12
Dear sir, My baby boy is 15 months old, weight is 9.5kg hight 78inches. Start waking from last month. He is having 7 teath. He is breast feeding baby. Having around 100ml cow milk all over the day and one cup milk Daliya, one banana. Pls suggest me what should i give him as healthy food and full of vitamins.and also suggest me quantities of all food and time. Is there any drinks which can use? He... Read More
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Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello, The growth and development in first 5 year will be very quick. Along with proper physical growth, mental growth is equally important. The baby height and weight also depends on the genes related to parents. All food should be given in very soft form, bit by bit, at least 3 hrs once food has to be given, if baby does not eat do not force or else it might lead to indigestionThan juice I.. Read more

Baby products

asked by shipriya on 10 March 2016 15:48
Sir, johnsons products have failed and is cancerous for kids.Please suggest us the best soap,cream,shampoo,powder for a 4 months baby.Please also revert Is patanjali producing baby products? Thanks... Read More
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Increasing Breast Milk For Baby

asked by priyasri9542 on 9 September 2014 14:41
Dear Sir, I would like to ask you that i have delivered baby 2 months back and I cannot feed my baby because of less production of milk. Kindly recommend best medicine ayurvedic / herbal medicine for more product of milk. Warm... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Low breast milk supply could be due to lack of proper nutrition, not getting proper sleep with stress, not feeding the baby in proper intervals, any physical illness or due to the harmonal changes especially if taking birthcontrol pills. You can take Leptaden for Lactation for 3months which will increase the secretion your breast milk Sucking relex is very important that stimulates the secretion of.. Read more

Toddler Constipation

asked by mila0322 on 6 September 2014 12:53
My 3 yr old non-eating fruit/veggie son has a BM 1x/wk. He never cries, strains or complains of any pain what so ever. When he does go, it's smooth, long and sinks. Until, we are able get through this picky phase, with no fruit/veggie intake, will Triphala help him have a BM everyday? Will we have to worry about... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Constipation in kids are commonly due to improper unhealthy eating, decreased water intake and less fiber. So it is necessary to change the eating pattern with healthy foods. Physical activity is also needed for a better bowel movement. You can give Abaya aristam - 10ml after food twice daily and Triphala tablet- 1 or 2 depending on the bowel movement for a month, then review. Triphala is a gentle.. Read more

2 weeks old baby girl suffering from cold

asked by sb230132 on 1 July 2014 20:28
Hello Doctor, My baby is 2 weeks old and having cold for last 1 week. We are giving nasal drops as prescribed. Since there is no improvement i want to give my baby gopichandanadi Gilika. Is this ayurvedic medicine preferable for 2 weeks old baby ? Please... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Yes, Gopichandanadi gutika can be given to your child. It is usually asked to be given by rubbing in a clean surface for 5times along with the breast milk twice a day for a week. Along with that you can give Divya Arvindasava for a month which is very good for the normal growth Also apply warm Karpooradi thailam in the chest. You can also apply a pinch of Rasnadi churnam in the soft spot or.. Read more

My 10 month old boy is not urinating 7-8 hour

asked by yuvraj123 on 16 June 2014 16:27
Hello Sir, my 10 month old son is grinding his teeth is not urinating 7-8 hour in a day sometimes 9-10 hours.sir please suggest me Ayurveda medicine for... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- It is normal that the urine output is reduced as babies start with the solid food intake. Sometimes there may be more quantity which may reduce the frequency. There is no fixed times or quantity of urine, it varies among babies. Normally at this age sometimes they may urinate after 8-9hrs. But it is necessary to consult a paediatrician if it becomes more than 24hrs with any symptoms like pain or.. Read more

Planning for a baby

asked by Kareena on 9 April 2014 0:01
Dear Sir/Madam, I will be planning for my second baby soon. I do pranayam regularly. Right now I am taking Shatavar churna, Ashwagandha churna, Stri Rasayana vati, chyavanprash and Triphala at night. Can you please give me some advise on what should I do now to prepare for baby planning? Any health advise or spiritual advise would be... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, It is very interesting to see that you are following all that is necessary for a second healthy child. Before conception it is very important that partners should have a well balance of body, mind and spirit. You are practicing pranayama and meditation which calms your mind and increase the satva guna of mind. As far as medicines are concerned, satavari is the one which you shall consume.. Read more

Cold/cough treatment for 5th month baby

asked by haseemuddin on 28 December 2013 15:23
Dear Mr.Doctor, Our 5th month baby is suffering from cold, cough and phlegm from past 1 month. We are using English (alopathi) medicine. But there is no improvement. Now one of our relative doctor suggested to use Joshina syrup. But our baby age is 5th month running. I want suggestion from you, whether we can use this medicine or not. If yes, how to use the dosage for 5 month baby ? Till now she... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, The dosage for a baby below 6 months of age is said to be one fourth of the adult dosage. In this case the medicine shall be taken at a dose of 1/4 th of a teaspoon and shall be given mixed with milk. It is no necessary that the medicine must be given with luke warm water There is another remedy where a pinch of ginger powder is mixed with honey and is given to baby along with milk Apply.. Read more

Plan for healthy baby

asked by Kareena on 30 October 2013 20:27
Dear Sir/Madam, I have a 17 months old baby boy and I want to plan for second baby after 3 months. According to the Ayurveda, what can I do in these three months to prepare my and my husband's body and mind to conceive healthy baby? Which herbs can we take? How can we detox our body since where we live,there is no panchkarma treatment available. Which pranayams are beneficial? What kind... Read More
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My Baby boy head is not round

asked by yuvraj123 on 10 October 2013 11:24
Hello sir, i am yuvraj, baby boy's head is not round. sir plz tell me any method, medicine to fix this... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Firstly it is coomon to see the a new born baby's head misshapen. A baby's skull bones are very soft and they are constructed in such a manner that it can easily squeeze through the birth canal at the time of delivery. The gentle pressure put by the baby' s skull must have resulted in his misshape. It will soon be corrected automatically It's common to have a young baby.. Read more

Baby aged 1.5 months ( inguinal hernia )

asked by rajdhasmana on 26 September 2013 12:55
Guruji , 10 days back we found swelling in both sides( lower than abdomen ) of our baby aged 1.5 months . The doctor said baby is suffering from inguinal hernia advised for operation immediately. As the baby is so small we are are scared ; is operation is only possible treatment in this case . Plz help us... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Inguinal hernia is a bulge that results when some tissue comes out of place. This usually happens in children when the muscles in the wall of the abdomen in the inguinal canal do not close properly. It is usually noticed in the first year especially when the baby cries or strains. Surgery is the only treatment. The risks are low and the results are good. It is better to follow your doctor's.. Read more

Baby skin fairness

asked by Janya on 14 August 2013 22:48
My daughter is 3 months old and she is going dark day by day can u please suggest me some home remedies that will really helpfull... Read More
Dr.Jilsy Says:- Hello, Thanks for the inquiry.Skin color depends mainly on the genetic predisposition even though there are a lot of other reasonsYour daughter is only 3 months old and so color of skin will be varying each day. Sometimes she will be fair but some days she will be less fair. Even the temperature changes will affect her skin color, since it is so delicate and tender. So we can't apply fairness.. Read more

Regarding conceiving baby boy

asked by senorita on 27 July 2013 22:02
hello Sir, I have got a big joint family with full of girls,only my husband is male in our family.I am single daughter in law & wanted to conceive baby boy as Indian family you can better understand.Please let me know that is shivlingi & putrajeevak is really effective can i blindly trust to sort my problem out.please its a humble request to you Answer me as soon as possible.I am 26 year... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Yes, i can understand your scenario and is complicated.In india most family prefer male child irrespective of any relevant reason Sushruta acharya has clearly mentioned many factors for obtaining a male child. To sum up , acahrya emphasizes more on sexual positions at the time of conception for the purpose of male child. Female dominating sex positions will help in female child and male.. Read more


asked by NIDHI DESAI` on 27 July 2013 14:37
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Dr.Jilsy Says:- Hello, Thanks for your inquiryHave you done any investigations since you are not getting pregnant. If so please provide the details. Otherwise you and your husband can have some primary investigations done to make sure the ovulation,semen count and motility etc Any way it is good to start with Shatavari granules -1tsp twice daily with milk. This will make you healthy and prepare your body to conceive... Read more
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