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Achalasia Cardia

asked by Gaurav239 on 14 September 2018 16:07
Dear Sir, My father aged 73 yrs is suffering from achalasia cardia since last 10 years, in this period he has undergone ballooning twice (last... Read More
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Does ayurveda has a cure for Alchalasia Cardia?

asked by amreen on 28 November 2017 12:57
Hello Doctor, My mother is 53 years old and suffering from Alchalasia Cardia which was diagnosed a few weeks ago. Prior to that she was under... Read More
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My father has a problem of achlasia cardia please give herbal and ayurvedic remedies for this.

asked by lavii on 6 January 2017 7:56
hello sir, my father age 55 has dignosed with a problem of achlasia cardia.we have performed both the test easophageal manometry and barium... Read More
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Ayurvedic Medicine for Achalasia Cardia

asked by Yogesh Sharma on 5 November 2013 22:43
Sir I am 44 Years old. I am suffering from achalasia cardia. I was operated for this in 1992 (hellar operation) also balloon dilatation but still... Read More
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Achalasia of the cardia

asked by rajanand on 20 June 2013 21:23
Age: 53; Gender: Female; Present Complaint: Acute on chronic GERD due to achalasia of the cardia, along with chronic hypertension... Read More
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