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Breast reduction herb

asked by timsy on 8 September 2013 23:21
tell me some breast reduction herb other than yoga and excercising. I got my bresat tissue increase because of faulty downwards sleeping posture. Suggest me some way of reducing breast... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- Hi Thanks for your query.Could you please mention some more details like your age,as well as your weight and height?In females,breasts develop after menarche and continue depending upon the factors like harmones mainly oestrogen,genetic influence for another 5years.It may help to reduce if you try to reduce your overall body weight.There are no specific medicines to decrease only the breast.You can.. Read more

Side effcts of gokhru herb

asked by harshil9459 on 30 June 2012 21:39
i would like to know side effects of gokhru herb and also how to take it?? is it safe for a lady of 20yrs of... Read More
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List of Pure natural Herbal Extracts

asked by Lovely on 14 February 2011 15:27
Can you please provide the list of Pure natural Herbal... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Medicinal herbal extracts is a liquid solution of herbs with alcohol. The dried / fresh herbs are combined with alcohol, then the solid matter is removed leaving only the oils of the herbs mixed with alcohol. The process is called extraction, hence the name, herbal extract. Herbal extracts are sold as dietary supplements & alternative medicine & commonly used for flavoring in baking and other.. Read more

Ephedra benefits

asked by Preeti mishra on 11 February 2011 18:37
What are the benefits of Ephedra?, Pls. send details ASAP and I would be very thankful for your... Read More
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Datura effects & benefits

asked by Abner on 11 February 2011 17:35
What are Datura effects & benefits?, Pls. send details ASAP and I would be very thankful for your... Read More
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Hawthorn availability

asked by papajirao on 12 April 2010 5:31
thank you for giving me suggestions regarding medicines for my heart complaint. You have informed that the sanskrit name for Hawthorn is Van-sangli. This hawthorn is extensively recommended in USA for heart complaint with action similar to to digoxin. However surprisingly I do not find the same available in India . I find no medicine is sold with the name hawthorn or vansangli.Can you kindly let... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello Sir, As of now, we do not have adequate information regarding the same Hawthorne. We shall update as and when it is available in India with regards, Dr... Read more

Khadi Woody sandal & honey herbal shampoo
Khadi Woody Sandal & Honey Shampoo Is Specially Formulated With A Unique Blend Of Oils To Soften Hair...
Khadi Neem & Aloevera herbal shampoo
Khadi Neem And Aloevera Shampoo Helps To Fight Against Heavy Dandruff, Flaky Scalp Disease, Cleanses...
Pravek Tea - Herbal Slimming Tea
Herbal Slimming Tea(Pravek-T) is a unique Herbal combination of best natural herbs having effective...
Vatliftar Herbal Capsules for Gaining Muscles
Vatliftar Herbal Capsule makes the muscles swift, energetic and strong and helps to get rid of...
Maharishi Herbonic Health Tonic
Maharishi Herbonic is an ideal family drink and milk additive. Indicated in Children's growth, Low...
Khadi 18 Herbs Hair Oil
It is Applied for Relaxation, Helps to Cool Down Scalp, Anti-dandruff, Gives Smooth and Manageable Hair...
Trichup Herbal Hair Powder
Ideal for all hair types, Useful in dandruff, hair fall and split end, Restructures and repairs the...
Khadi Herbal Mehndi (Henna)
It is a natural product without any chemical or color extract. It can be used for making your hair...

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