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Cratenine level 2.8 and increasing continuously

asked by Vikaash on 21 October 2016 18:47
Hi , my father is 69 years old. He is diabetic from last 14 years and on allopathic medication. Recently we came to know that creatinine level in his blood is increasing. Just in 3 weeks, it increased from 1.4 to 2.8. We have consulted allopathic doctor. He has altered the medication for diabetes and blood pressure but didn't give any medication to reduce creatinine level. I wanted to check... Read More
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How to refunctioning of kidneys

asked by nanda kok on 14 August 2016 11:13
Dear Sir My both kidneys are not functioning hence i will goto dialysis weekly twice (2 times) my creatinine level is 9mg/dl blood urea is 80 please give me a ayurvedic treatment to avoid dialysis and refunctioning my... Read More
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asked by ravi kok on 14 August 2016 11:04
Dear sir My wife aged 33 years her both kidneys are not functioning from 1 year now she is on Dialysis weekly twice her Creatinine level is present 9.2mg/dl Blood Urea is 70 Please give me a suggetion for stop dialysis with your medicine and kidneys are become normal (well... Read More
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Kidneys failure in Young age

asked by joumaaborashid on 4 July 2015 13:17
Hello I've got a problem in the kidneys, and urinary retention and needed each week to go to the hospital three times knowing that I am 24 years old, do you have anything from herbs to what was used by the herb's name or the right medicine for this case, please reply to email My naem jumma I live in... Read More
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, We understand that you are suffering from renal failure where apparently you are undergoing dialysis. As your age is 24 years, it is important to proceed with allopath care, whatever suggested by doctors, meanwhile you may have some ayurvedic herbs that keeps your renal function live and to prevent further damage. It is not clear the stage of the problem that you are suffering but these.. Read more

Polycystic kidneys

asked by kris on 25 November 2014 14:06
my age is 27 yr male. i have polycystic kidneys diseases. frequently urine,premature ejection,high blood pressure, obesity, stomach growing, my mother has high blood pressure. nose surgery ,fistula, tonsil. i m married. i don' t get sleep. i do pranayam kapalbhati; but that cant do well by... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Polycystic kidneys are clusters of cysts occurring in the kidneys due to genetic influence. The blood pressure is a common problem and it is essential to control it with medicines to prevent the kidney problems. Please let me know your kidney function test, your blood pressure reading and if you are taking any medicines for blood pressure. Medicines like Varunadi Kasayam - 10ml with 40ml of warm.. Read more

Creatinine and dialysis

asked by drsantoshyogic on 26 August 2014 13:20
I am 34 year my creatinine is 11 urea is 148 he is 6.4. Doctor is telling for diaylasis I have 3 years one kid what to do please tell me what to do. shell I go to patanjai to take treatment .I got ckd for last one year before 2 months my creatinine was 2.3 than I got fever after that my creatinine Increase help me where I should... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The levels of creatinine and urea are very high. The urea must below 20mg/dl and the creatinine must be below 1mg/dl normally. So at this stage where is Hb is also very low, it is very important to consult a nephrologist and follow his advise on dialysis and Allopathy medicines. There are also other investigations like the Glomerular filtration rate which will reflect the function of the kidney... Read more

Dialysis and Kidneys

asked by benu.arya on 26 August 2014 13:15
Hi there, my brother receving 3 times a week Dialysis but still not well could you provied him better medical care & cure for Kindeys issues person. you are my only hope. Kinds... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Could you please provide more details of the age, his weight and his general health condition along with the blood and urine reports to guide you further. Dialysis is generally indicated when the kidney function is impaired and when it fails to clear the waste products. There are some Ayurvedic medicines which can be given along with dailysis and regular checkups. Medicines like Punarnavadi kasayam.. Read more

Kidney / Renal Failure | Kidney Stone

asked by kish27d on 12 June 2014 17:45
Respected Sir, My name is Kishore Kumar, My mother name is Padmavathi,Age 49 years, she is suffering with Chrinic Kidney Failure, from 6 month onwards she is on dialysis 2 times per week, and her creatinine levels are 5.5-6.0, and in kidney scnning it is showing two kidneys are effected and size of two kidneys are small. My friend advised to me to use Pathanjali medicines for kidney problem, can... Read More
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Kidneys influenced by high creatinine due to diebeties

asked by satnam on 9 May 2013 17:58
dear sir om mt father is suffering from diebeties from last 10 yrs but from last two years he is suffering from creatinine and now its increased from 4.96-5.9 hemoglobin is 8.4 uric acid is 5.3 we are taking allopathic cure and aur nephrologist is saying that kidneys are 70% damaged and we have to go through dialysis when they'll be 80%, its toatally horrifying us , pls suggest us suitable... Read More
Dr.George Says:- Dear friend, Wishes from my yoga. Serum creatinine means the creatinine level in the blood. It is 0.7 to 1.2 mg/ml is its normal rangeIt is the indicator of toxic sedimentation in the blood. Ceatinine is actually the waste product of muscle metabolism Serum creatinine is not the only indicator for starting dialysis. They will have to go for further more tests such as glomerular filtration rate and.. Read more

Need medication/Medicine to increase kidney size

asked by Winner75 on 29 August 2012 21:12
My friends age is 40 years and hid kidney size is reduced. As per reports Left GFR = 15.48 ml/min;Right GFR 19.36 ml/min and Total GFR = 34.83 ml/min. Bilateral small size kidneys with reduced function and evidence of rental cortical scars. Evidence of moderate parenchymal disease. Overall GFR is reduced. Creatinine value is 1.34 mg/dL. He is non-smoking,non-drinker and pure vegiterian. Is there... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There are no such medicines for increasing kidney as such. There are many reasons for shrinkage of kidneys and according to you the size of kidneys are reduced. This might happen due to many reasons which are congenital also. So, after analyzing properly with doctor, one can rely on allopath medicines and life saving medications in fact. There are certain ayurvedic medicines which are.. Read more

Regenerate kidneys cells ramdev

asked by Harvey on 17 June 2011 15:04
Sir, may I request information on regenerate kidneys cells ramdev ?, please reply back as soon as... Read More
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Dr.Krish Says:- Hello, First we want to know are your facing any problems with ur KidneysHave your done any investigations to check ur kidney function test Medcines: Punarnavadi Kashaya: 30ml with 30ml water morning and night before foodChandraprabha vati - 2 tablets twice daily after foodShivagulika- 1 tablet twice daily after food Diet also plays a major role so Reduce intake of salt, sweet products Add.. Read more

Yoga for kidneys

asked by yoga_seeker on 10 April 2010 9:34
If practiced regularly is it possible to cure Kindey problems like renal failure etc. with the help of Yoga therapies?... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Yoga for kidneys Yogic treatment has been found to be very successful in kidney diseases. Practitioners of yoga & pranayam are never affected by kidney disorder & their kidneys get stronger day by day Surya Namaskar is a complete exercise. It improves the health of the stomach, intestine, abdomen, heart & lungs, which is good for the kidneys as well. This is good for diabetic patients.. Read more

Kidneys are not functioning properly

asked by vijaysingh on 10 February 2010 8:04
Dear Sir/Madam, My fiancee's kidneys are not functioning properly. Her creatinine level has increased to 4 & 5. Is there any way that she can be come out from this dieses?... Read More
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Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Guest Its very unfortunate to discover something like that The Creatinin level goes high because Kidney are not working normally.There may be several reasons First take Varunadi Kashyama empty stomach twice a day with warm water. It shall help clear excess toxins from the body ,as it induces a relatively natural type of Diuresis Then We may recommend Divya Ashmarihar Kwath / Vrikkdoshar.. Read more

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