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Semen morphology

asked by Prime on 7 March 2018 10:15
Hi, My morphology is abnormal as we are planning to have a baby can take fortege Ayurvedic tablets.... Or kindly suggest me wat medicine can I take... Read More
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How to improve overall sexual health, sperm motility and morphology

asked by Amu123 on 7 June 2017 12:41
I am 34yrs. old male. Me and my wife are trying to have a baby for the past 3yrs. using IVF but still not successful. Recently she had her third miscarriage so we want to take a break and then try naturally after a few months. My sperm health is poor especially motility and morphology. Here are the results of a recent semen analysis: Time Since Collection - 145min Semen Liquefaction - NORMAL Semen... Read More

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