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About Thyroid

asked by HHHYU on 27 July 2017 10:43
I am 66 years old female married, i am diagnosed for thyroid T3 Normal range......T4 normal Range.....UTSH 6.82uIU/ml.....What Ayurveda Medicine... Read More
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My mother is suffering from Seasonal Allergy

asked by rakesh223a on 12 July 2017 14:35
Hello Doctor, My mother having throat irritation specially in summer time from April to August, and very much disturbed in the night due to dry... Read More
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Aurvedic treatment and medicine to reduce creatine level

asked by Ramkrishna15 on 30 May 2017 17:21
Dear, My mother is 60 year old and has blood pressure problems. Her creatine level is 3.5. Please suggest the ayurveda medicine... Read More
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Asking for benefits of divya mukti vati

asked by Saikat on 27 May 2017 17:08
Hi,. I am Saikat 27 years old. A year ago suddenly I have chest pain and doctor told I had have that time my blood pressure was... Read More
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Fat reduction

asked by Shashank shekhar Pandey on 27 May 2017 16:58
My father age is 37years.My father was suffering from much fat in his stomach,from 5 years.He has a disease name "blood pressure".He was... Read More
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Heart valve problem

asked by ajay bhaskar on 19 May 2017 9:17
I have rheumatic heart disease and gastritis problem . Riesently I have low blood pressure. I want to come and treatment by ayurbed. Give me... Read More


asked by Robs on 17 May 2017 9:25
Hello Viad ji, I am male 34 years old. I was diagnosed as hypertensive 3 years back. I am taking furosimide 40mg, lisnoril 20mg,metoprolol 25 mg... Read More
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Regarding Stomach tightness and having fat decomposition

asked by piyush121269 on 12 May 2017 12:15
My age is 48 years and I am a male I have tight stomach even if i will not take my meals , I am a married having high blood pressure i am taking... Read More
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Vigamox Forte Tablets

asked by isjmer on 11 April 2017 12:23
I am 63 years old and taking 01 tablet of Siladol 8 mg per day for Prostate enlargement Now i am not able to sustain my erection for more than 02... Read More
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Blood pressure

asked by Ajay sah on 9 April 2017 18:27
I have blood pressure since 7 years the age of 18, now my age is 25. continuously i am taking amlodipine 5 mg for 7 years last 6 month... Read More
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Heart Blockage Issue

asked by dpsingh on 30 March 2017 16:25
My father had a treatment with angioplasty in November 2016. It then was susscesful. He have had the same treatment this week but this time it... Read More
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asked by MANSUKHLAL on 28 March 2017 17:27
I HAVE PROBLEM OF HEEL PAIN. WHICH is OCCUR in the morning and also when i am stand up after sitting. my age is 54 years old and also i have... Read More
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Acute infract

asked by rock on 25 March 2017 10:18
Hi, My age is 40 years Gender- Male Present complaint:- Had weekness and fatigue.Suddenly has tingling feeling and numbness on last two fingers of... Read More
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Thyroid levels

asked by A B Shah on 21 March 2017 12:36
I am female 48 yrs. married My TSH level is 5.97 FT3 2.5 FT4 .83 . I have mennstruel distubance , slight Puffines on skin, sm weight gain too... Read More
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My mum need help

asked by jeetsingh on 20 March 2017 0:32
Hi sir my mum has arthritis got pain in joints swelling knees are very painful can not walk she has tried lots of medecines but they work for... Read More
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My dad want to cure his illness and loose weight , by staying some days in ramdev baba ashram

asked by Axelamar on 17 March 2017 11:19
Age -50, gender - male, so please give us appointment to stay in ashram for some... Read More
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High blood pressure 90/145 any 220triglyceride er

asked by Jsb on 7 March 2017 15:17
Hello doctor ji I am from punjab. Age32,weight 79, hight 6'1"my BP 90/145 and triglycide 220 from 3year. Can i take divya mukta vati... Read More
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Consumption of shilajeet in summer

asked by munna1971 on 3 March 2017 17:12
Dear Sir/Madam Can I take Shilajeet during summer (hot)season ? My Blood pressure remain 90/130- 100/130. Kindly... Read More
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Mukta vati

asked by satdak on 9 February 2017 11:44
MY age is 44, I have BP problem and I have been taking Mukta vati for last 2-weeks. after taking this medicine I am facing nasal congestion.... Read More
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Blood pressure in presence of doctor

asked by Arkk on 6 February 2017 23:30
Dear doctor My age-33 Gender- male Height-5.10 feet Weight-80kg I don't know only I have this strange problem.which is whenever I visit a... Read More
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