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Sir mere kan me kam sunai deta hai

asked by Dhananjayprasadv on 1 August 2016 13:01
Sir/madam, Mera age 21sal hai.mere kan ke dono parde me chhed hai our sunai kam deta hai. Docter ki salah se maine ek kan ka oppration kara liya phir bhi thik nahi haui hai. Plz sir/madam..recvest hai apse ki is ka ilaz batane ka kast kare.plz....mai bahut parsan... Read More
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High blood pressure

asked by blyton fernandes on 24 July 2016 14:33
age 25 i having pressure since 3yrs back .i m taking tablet olmasar m25 daily morning once mi father$mother having high blood pressure i had checked mi blood but evry thing is ok but there is little differnce in abdomnol but doctor said noting to worry he had given me sum other tablet for lever infection im taking olmasar m25 but still im nt fell 100percent well dr please help me... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello guest, Hypertension is one of major health issue these days. stressful lifestyle alongwith decreased physical activity had lead to metabolic disorders like hypertension Ayurveda defines it as RAKHTGAT VATTAIt is disorder caused by aggravated pitta Ayurvedic medicines have very fast effects over raised bp with no side effectsAfter taking medicines you need to reduce olmasar25mg progressively.. Read more


asked by ruchin bansal on 22 July 2016 15:26
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Sugar and BP

asked by Parvbhardwaj23 on 2 July 2016 7:50
My mom having sugar and b.p problem since 7 years.... Now it's increasing day by day after having all kind of medicine.... Please help, is it possible she will be fine and no more medicine she needs to take... As she is 58 years old and daily walk for 4-5 km in morning and do bit of... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please let me know the RBS, PPBS, HbA1c and the blood pressure reading to guide you better.Divya madunashini vati can be taken to control the blood sugar level. Divya Mukta Vati can be taken to reduce the high blood pressure. Diet and exercise plays an important role to control the blood sugar and blood pressure. Include garlic, pepper, triphala, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, horsegram, turmeric.. Read more

Anxiety, Panic attack,depression,sleeplessness

asked by Gagan2411 on 30 June 2016 13:21
Hi,age 34, male suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and sleeplessness. My family history is positive in heart and anxiety related illnesses. I had same situation 5 years back but I recovered now again due to sudden untimely death in family lead to same situation. Few days back I was driving and my BP shoot up till 200/100 and was admitted to hospital where all heart and other related... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Anxiety or stress acts as a trigger to cause palpitations. But changes in ECG suggesting premature ventricular complex causes fibrillation if not treated. There will be ectopic beats distal to the His Purkinje system. It is necessary to regular followups and take the advised medicines. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken as supportive medicines to improve the function of the heart and also the.. Read more


asked by ASHOK101 on 25 June 2016 17:22
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Your blood sugar is under control and try to maintain before eating 70-130 mg/dl, 1-2 hours after eating <180 mg/dl and HbA1c blood sugar test (3 month blood sugar indicator) <7% which is good for a diabetic person. Please let me know your blood pressure to guide you further. Divya Arjuna Kvath and Divya Mukta Vati can be taken to control the blood pressure Include green tea, cabbage.. Read more

High blood pressure

asked by Kike on 20 June 2016 23:56
Hi, good morning I'm a 45 years old man recently diagnosed with Hypertension, my readings are above 150/110, My doctor recommend me to take Lisinopril, but I have to stop because the side effects, looking for a natural way to lower it, someone mention to me your web page and CARDIMAP, is this a good pill to treat my BP or there is a better one? Regards... Read More
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Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello You cannot stop the allopathy medicines all of sudden. You have to take those medicine along with ayurveda medicines then gradually reduce the dose. Hypertension cause due to many reason, hormonal, stress, obesity, heart disorders etc. YOU CAN TAKE CARDIOMAP Ayurveda Medicines 1.Cardiomap 1-0-1 with warm water after breakfast and dinner 2.Medha Kwath 4tsp+ 400ml water , boil and reduce to.. Read more

Hyper Thyroid,High Blood Pressure, Diabetic

asked by Duttatray on 9 June 2016 13:31
Sir, I am 60 years male. I am already diabetic since 5 years and high blood pressure since 10 years, taking alopathic medicine. But recently I planted a Giloy and used its leaves few days raw in grinder machine. Recently I have been detected hyper thyroid. Is it good for Hyper Thyroid taking Giloy leaves. Kindly advice... Read More
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Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello, Giloy is good for hypothyroid, As it helps to improve your metabolism and supports the thyroid functionsAlong with giloy you can also use other ayurveda medicines like Ayurveda Medicines 1.Thyrocon Tablet 1-0-1 with warm water after food. Helps improve thyroid functions Diet Reduce rice, sweets, include fiber green leafy vegetable and proteins like dhal etc Yoga Also asnas will be helpful.. Read more

Different symptoms

asked by Ashwinis on 2 June 2016 22:19
Hi Doctor, My mausi is getting some different symptoms since 1 year. She is 37 now. Some of the symptoms visible: - Swelling over whole body. Specially on face and legs. - Skin rashes - High blood pressure - Low Hb Initially, she went through different tests. Blood test, x rays, Colonoscopy, urine test, endoscopy etc. but everything seemed normal. The only factor which came in report was less... Read More
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Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello, Yes the diagnosis is not accurate. Swelling and high blood pressure also might indicate some problem with kidney functions, or some drug allergy etc. Sometimes all the diseases will not show any abnormality in the lab test. First will correct the basics Ayurveda Medicines 1.Gokshuradi guggulu 2-0-2 with warm water after breakfast and dinner. Reduces swelling 2.Avipathikara Churan 1/4.. Read more

Low blood pressure

asked by virender garg on 24 May 2016 22:17
Baba ji, kya arjun ki chhal ya arjun amla juice ko low blood pressure(90/55) with diabetes(180)or high cholesterol wale patient(my father) ko bhi de sakte hai..kya ye kewal high blood pressure ko normal karta hai? Guru ji...iska koi side effect to nahi hai? Baki aapki rai chahta... Read More
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Pranayama for High Blood Pressure

asked by Prashanthsbhat on 24 May 2016 22:12
Dear Sir, I am Prashantha. I am residing at the city of Mangalore in Karnataka State. My age: 39 years, Gender: Male, My problem is high blood pressure. I have sleeping problem sometimes. I am not a diabetic patient. Urine, cholesterol and appetite are normal. My blood pressure reading is 140 (systolic) and 100 (diastolic). Sometimes it is slightly more or less. I am doing sooryanamaskar... Read More
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Pranayamas and yogasanas for high Blood Pressure due to stress and depression

asked by Prashanthsbhat on 19 May 2016 18:40
Dear Gurooji, My Blood pressure reading is somewhat increased since six months due to stress and depression. The reading is 150 and 100. I am Doing Pranayamas and Soorya Namaskara daily in the morning. Recently since one month my BP level is lowered to 130 and 90. One of the yogic doctors (BNYS degree holder) suggested me that discontinue Soorya Bhedi and Sooorya Anuloma... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- I understand your concern with the query related to Suryabhedi pranayamam. Surya means sun and hence it is heating as the air is inhaled through the pingala nadi with the right nostril. But you can do gently without much pressure. Anuloma viloma or Chandrabhedi by which you can breathe through the left nostril will also balance by cooling. Suryabhedi is beneficial with all the vata disorders with an.. Read more

Ramdev neurologist medicine

asked by sarwesh maurya on 17 May 2016 12:24
Age28 male sir mai pichhle ek sal se paresan hu exercise karate samay karmar m nas chali gai tbhi se pain hota h ab to pure pair m jhunjhuni ho jati hai pair load nahi le patA upay... Read More
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Amla juice

asked by bhi on 29 April 2016 14:52
my mother suffering from diabities from 5 years i want to know that she can drink patanjali amla juice for... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Yes she can drink Amla juice as this is great anti-oxidant and rejuvenates body system. Divya Amla juice from patanjali is best to consume and you may buy it from any patanjali clinic nearby... Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine for Bed sores/ pressure ulcer

asked by rajsah on 26 March 2016 11:50
My mother 80 years old bed ridden due to hip bones fracture with traction in right leg. Now she got bed sores in her left buttock sine 2-3 days. Please suggest me the medicine for... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Bed sore is commonly seen in the skin or tissue surrounding the bony areas when there is prolonged pressure. So steps must be taken to change positions so that to reduce the pressure on the same place and to fasten the healing. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken which will help to heal faster. Please continue with the advised ointment and do have regular checkups to prevent further increase of the.. Read more

Res/Sir Mujhe BP & Sugar Ki problem Hai,

asked by Pardeep Kumar Srivastava on 3 March 2016 14:34
Hight : 5 Fit, 3 Inch Weight : 81 Kg Problem:- 1:High BP Last 5 Year 2:Sugar Last 7th Month 3:Back side in Head (Bharipan) 4:Weakness 5:Lazy of body Kya aap ke yaha se medicine karne se theek ho jayega, agar theek ho jayega to iska process kaise hai appointment lene ka & kitna day lagega & kitna kharch aayega Pradeep Kumar... Read More
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Htper tension, insomania

asked by sameer1609 on 1 March 2016 10:36
I am suffering with hypertension and insomania, now I am taking Mukta wati, Hridyamrit wati and Medha wati. is it ok. what is to be taken for folic acid... Read More
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Right testiclur pain radiating through the thighs

asked by changampuzha on 26 February 2016 7:57
Dear sir/madem age-25,male i am having right testicular pain at the point of attachment of epididymis,its like a sensitive burning sensation that radiates through the inner thigh then towards the toe of right leg.Allopathic doctor told that it is neuralgia.They took ultrasound scanning and ruled out varicocele and told that some fluid filling is there.the pain is not continious but it will vary at... Read More
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Palpitations, high bp

asked by nikita13 on 5 January 2016 18:38
I am a 38 years old male, non smoking. I have fairly regular eating habits, my diet is vegetarian; I eat my meals on time. My work involves being at the desk for about 8 hrs a day and since I deal with financial markets, it involves some mental strain through the day. Other than this, I have no cause of stress. I have been having acidity attacks about twice or thrice a year over the course of last... Read More
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Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello, Hypertension is caused by many reasons like, smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, excess salt intake, alcohol consumption, stress, old age, genetics, chronic kidney disease, adrenal and thyroid disorders, loss of sleep. All of your symptoms cannot be shown in lab reports. We need to strengthen your heart and its muscle, also we need to strength the arterial layers. You neck pain is.. Read more

Rasooli (tumor) in Stomach

asked by on 2 January 2016 2:23
Sir My younger sister has rasooli in stomach since 7 years, can treatment with ur medicine. Age. 37 Gender. Female taken only Daisy medicines Duration. 7 years Very weak , no any srgeries, Maritl status. un maried sleep not good Test result. 4 nos rasooli in stomach 3. solid and 1. water Blood pressure . high Menstrual pattern. narmel Bowela. narmel Appetite. wane Urine. narmel Alwayes feeling... Read More
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