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Urinary Tract Infection,Overactive Bladder,Bed Wetting

asked by Cat on 12 February 2018 20:26
25,Female,UTI,OAB, I have rheumatism too,Unmarried,Sleep soundly, Bowels are not good, appetite is not good,Do suryanamaskaram, Kapalbhati, Pranayam, Blood pressure is always low, normally 90.Also I have low heomoglobin,My menstrual pattern is regular, Currently going treatment for rheumatoid... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Please let me know other investigations and the names of medicines to guide you further. As with Ayurveda, it is very important to correct the metabolism and bowel movements. So please start with the following medicines and can be continued with the appropriate medicines based on the response. Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Gokshuradi Guggulu, Punarnavadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before.. Read more

Pain in Hands, Shoulder, left elbow

asked by Cal_patient on 5 November 2017 6:53
Hello Dr., I am 48 years old female based off in California. For path 2 months, I have started noticing pain in my hands, sometimes stiffness and pain in my elbow, shoulder area which tend to get worse at night. My local doctor did RA test which was positive (38) and Cyclic citrullinated peptide IgG test is 108.3. My ESR reading was also high (52). Doctor says that i do not have active RA based on... Read More
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How to lower ESR in Blood?

asked by venu on 5 August 2014 11:52
Helo Sir., My mother aged about 63, She is diabetic since 18 yrs and it is almost normal most of the times..she is suffering with Rheumatoid arthritis since 3 yrs..she was under allopathic medication upto jan 2014..She had suffered with severe urine infection and temperory renal failure (ACT),and undergone dialysis in august 2013..after that we discontined allopathic and started keral ayurveda... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- I understand that you have to think about the safety, efficacy, side effects and cost effective treatments in managing chronic condition that requires a lifetime treatment. It is the duty of a doctor for the well being of the patient irrespective of the system of medicine. You can give your mother the Ayurvedic medicines and please let me know after a month. Meanwhile when the pain is unbearable.. Read more

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