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Scrotal wall cyst of grape size

asked by Abhi.M on 20 April 2018 20:47
Sir I am 28 yr old , have been diagnosed with scrotal wall cyst and doctor has advised surgery ....which I am really scared of as I dought any future complications related to fatherhood in case of surgery of such delicate areas ......I feel feverish and week not able to go to gym ...need to know if there is any cure in ayurvedic or homeopathic medicine....if yes then also what is the high time I... Read More
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Scrotal swelling

asked by S.n on 18 November 2016 8:52
Im 24 yrs old.unmarried.male. from 4years my right side hydrocele is increased 5 times bigger than left side .but there is no pain.right testicle is hard. i dont want to operation. i want to cure it through ayurvedic medicine.suggest me plzz.i have no other serious deases lm totally ... Read More
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