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Tibia fracture

asked by Megha14b on 18 June 2018 14:51
Sir, my mother, age 47, is suffering from full body swelling from the past 4 years due to which her body weight has also increased. Her height is... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Fracture, Swelling, Tibia

Testicle pain

asked by Himatlal sakaria on 27 May 2018 20:07
I am 69 yrs oldman having pain and swelling in right advise... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Swelling, Testicle

Swelling in body

asked by Megha14b on 23 April 2018 22:32
Pranam!! My name is Suman, 47 yrs old (female). I am suffering from whole body swelling specially legs from the past 3 years that increases as I... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Body, Swelling, Whole

Swelling and hernia

asked by Megha14b on 4 April 2018 21:10
Pranam! I am suman, age 47(f). I am suffering from full body swelling from last 3 years. My body weight is 110 kg. I have been through all types... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Hernia, Swelling

Swelling in uterus and hormones imbalance

asked by Amita saini on 13 March 2018 9:04
Hi Sir, I m 31 years old having one child. Got my delivery on 2014 since then I m suffering with heavy menstrual periods and pain in lower... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Hormone, Imbalance, Swelling, Uterus

Leg's heel swelling

asked by an kit on 25 February 2018 19:40
Sir, my younger sister, whose age is 18, has a swollen last six-seven years in the right leg's heel. A lot of medicines have been feeding but... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Heel, Leg's, Swelling

Intestinal swelling and hunger pains

asked by Shiv1799 on 23 December 2017 9:07
Dear Sir , I have swelling in my large intestine and hunger pain from six months. I can't stay empty stomach for long... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Hunger, Intestinal, Pains, Swelling

Legs swelling

asked by joel on 28 November 2017 11:14
Sir Im 33yrs unmarried female. Im suffering from Hypothyroid, diabetes, depression. Im using allopathy medicine for that. I fell down twice from... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Legs, Swelling

Testis pain and one testis swelling

asked by Arpit.p on 22 September 2017 0:42
Hello sir, Mera age 24 year h un married hu muje kafi time se testis m pain ho rha h or ek testis m swelling bi h matlab dono testis ka... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Pain, Swelling, Testis

UTI and swelling of feet

asked by Raahul on 16 April 2017 20:08
My mother is 81 yrs female and she lost control on passing urine and bowl, so she is in diapers for whole 24 hrs. Due to this she gets infected... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Feet, Swelling, Uti

Soft sweliing between hips behind anus

asked by M@ya on 6 February 2017 16:51
Sir, i was suffering from soft swelling problem between hips from last 18 months. That time it was small but now size becomes large and now... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Betwwn, Hips, Lipoma, Soft, Swelling

Scrotal swelling

asked by S.n on 18 November 2016 8:52
Im 24 yrs old.unmarried.male. from 4years my right side hydrocele is increased 5 times bigger than left side .but there is no pain.right testicle... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Scrotal, Swelling

Intestine swelling

asked by mona 1 on 8 September 2016 11:20
dr mare pet m swelling ayi hui h mare pet k nuss jati h to usse swelling ayi hui h swelling k liye treatment... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Intestine, Swelling

My Father has chronic headache and he has been suffering from since 30 years ago and swelling in feet

asked by veejay on 17 July 2016 0:37
hello sir, i want to ask for my father that he is running 58. he has chronic headache since 30 years. we consult with all allopethic, but they all... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Chronic, Feet, Headache, Swelling

Testicle swelling

asked by smv on 17 May 2016 7:58
Sir, i am of age 21 unmarried. My right testicle has swollen from 2 months . And left testicle has reduced in its size . At starting two days... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Swelling, Testicle

Am 40 years old female ..I have rich ng and swelling all over body

asked by Sreemathi on 4 April 2016 22:47
I get itching and swelling all over the body when I wake up along with cold and sneeze instantaneouly.I need a cure for my problem and best... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Itching, Swelling

,swelling legs

asked by sudheer kumar on 10 February 2016 12:10
Male,46yr,high bp,light liver problem like GGT is 365,medication:-liveril fort tab,benalgis75 mg tab,basic tab,Concon cor0.25mg tab.all daily... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Leg, Swelling

Pairo me sujan or kalaiyo me sujan hain

asked by vikrampriya on 12 August 2015 22:03
Baba ji Pranam Sabse pahle apko dhanyavad niswarth seva k liye Meri wife ki age 27 saal hai or ek beti (June 14 by operation )ki maa hai ,ab uske... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Pain, Swelling

Leg Swelling

asked by Mukesh3139 on 9 May 2015 13:56
hi sir i m 30 years old Male, my legs left and right both are swelling, swelling start in after morning, and befor morning is ok, my current body... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Leg, Swelling

30years/mail. i am suffering from abdomindal pain/ribs pain which travels to complete back bone. Doctors have diagnose osteoporasis and deficiency of vitamin D.

asked by shruti mittal on 30 March 2015 21:41
I am also suffering from chronic cold from last 15years. now having sever pain in abdominal and ribs. Doctors are saying this is due to swelling... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ribs/stomach, Swelling
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