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My son is now 3 year old he is studying in class nurresy, he is good in oral, but he is not good in writing section. What type of right treatment should give him..he is not hold a pencil in proper way or not writing any single line should be in right

asked by Anuvinu on 8 December 2018 0:43
My son is now 3 year old he is too much active, in all files, but he is not have a good grip in right hand for hold pencil and write in proper manner, he is studying in class nurresy, he is good in oral subject but he is not good in writing skills, what should I do,sir I do not want he eats non veg ,please give me good suggestion that he not eat non veg in any who,? Ple give me good medcine for... Read More
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Hand Shaking Problem

asked by gururam on 9 May 2015 12:00
I am 33 year old and physically fit. I have no diabetes, BP, Sugar and other problem. By I am facing serious problem of hand shaking during writing. Also I observed that I am unable to work by my right hand properly, it shake every time. I am not heave drinker. But drink within 8 days period gap. Please suggest me suitable medicine / exercise so the I will get relief from the said problem. I feel... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- It is essential tremor when there is shaking of the hands especially when doing any tasks. The exact cause is not known. It is a neurological problem which is seen due to the nerve disorder in the thalamus of the brain. There is no cure for the disorder. As per Ayurveda, excessive movements are due to the aggravation of the Vata dosha. Hence medicines, diet and lifestyle that passifies Vata is.. Read more

Hand Shaking when writing

asked by jaylo on 2 February 2014 17:49
hello dr, my self jaylo gender-male, age-27, suffering from Hand Shaking when writing or doing some routine schedule since last six months, till then i am taking any medication because my problem was not include in my routine but now it going to include, and another when i am writing pain will starting in my hand , so plz dr give me some medication and yoga. Dr is it curable or... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Essential tremor is uncontrollable shaky movements that affect the normal tasks. It usually affects the hands, but also affect the head, arms, face, jaws and feet. There is no known specific cause but it is due to a nerve disorder that affects the brain in the thalamus. Heredity plays a role.There is no cure, but can be managed with medicines and life style changes Medicines like Danadanayanadi.. Read more

Writing cramp

asked by SSG on 4 July 2013 20:53
my name is shiv i am from age 28.i am student.From last 2 year i have writing cramp .presently i can not work. i am going to ayurvedic dr. Dr advised some medicines like 1-CHANDRAPRABHA VATI 2-DIVYA SILAJEET RASAYAN 3-TRIYODASHANG GUGGUL 4-MAHARASNADI KADHA (TWO TIME) one one tab in 3 time in day i am taking these tab from 3 month but no relief. plese dr help me. CAN I DO ? i can... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- dear along with these medicine you need to take panchkarma ,you may definitely have relief therapies like basti and swedana and massage will help you a great deal you may take ekangveer ras in addition to it Sookshama vyayam will also help you,specially upper body part. take as much rest as possibleOil the arm as much as possible Siledin and Ashwagandharishtaa may also be helpful in.. Read more

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