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Health Disorders
Acidity & Hyper Acidity Acne disorders
Asthma & bronchitis
Back Pain
Cancer, all types
Cough problems
Cold problems
Diabetes, madhumeha
Ears problem
Epilipsy & fits
Eye problems
Fever & infections
Gastric troubles
Hairs problem
Heart problems
Head problems
Hypertension, High BP
Insomnia & sleep
Joints disorders
Kidneys (Renal)
Knee disorders
Liver, hepatitis
Memory disorders
Mind disorders
Nose disorders
Piles, Fistula
Sexual Problems
Sinus Problems
Skin Problems
Stones pain
Stomach Problems
Stress, Depression
Thyroid disorder
Thyroid Nodule
Tumor disorder
Weight loss
Yoga Remedies
Yoga for Acidity
Yoga for Asthma
Yoga for Back Pain
Yoga for Cancer
Yoga for Diabetes
Yoga for Gastric troub.
Yoga for Heart
Yoga for Hypertension
Yoga for Heart Ailments
Yoga for Kidneys
Yoga for Liver
Yoga for Piles, Fistula
Yoga in Pregnancy
Yoga for Sexual Prob.
Yoga for Stomach Prob.
Yoga and Sex
Yoga for Stress, Depres.
Yoga for Thyroid
Yoga for weight loss

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Nodule in lungs

submitted on 3 July 2012 17:16
sir my wife age is 30yrs.she is suffring from asthma after giving sygerian berth of one daughter. when i went to aiims for treatment dr. referred her for xray after xray dr said go for ct scan, ct ...

Sinius and anal fisher

submitted on 10 March 2012 16:27
namaskar dr when i went to ent specilist for nosal congestion during morning Due to nosel congestiin i was unable to do pranayam . so dr said that apki nak ki haddi tedhi hai. he have given me nosa...

Lipoma ayurvedic medicine

submitted on 2 January 2012 15:08
sir i have lipoma from past 6 cholestrol is also age is 30 .i went to patanjali centre. here vaidji game me medohar vati, hradyaamrirvati kanchnar guggal and vradhi vadhika vati. ...

Brain blockage or clot

submitted on 27 December 2011 14:56
before 7 days my mother in law bp reaches to 240 so she got 2 attack and get paralised now she admitted in pgi lucknow her right portion is not working and she is not able to speak. her mri report ...

Shrinkage in swas nali

submitted on 19 December 2011 11:17
my wife age is 30 years. from past 2 years she is suffering asthma. when she undergone spirometer test report says that there is shrinkage in swas nali. i want to know can this swas nali again exp...

Knee fluid

submitted on 12 December 2011 9:35
my father age is 54. from past 5 years he is suffering from knee pain . now he is not able to walk correctly . his one leg got swollen and little bit bent. x-ray report shown that his knee fluid ha...

Restart period

submitted on 26 November 2011 17:54
sir my wife period restart after five days of completion of period. sir my wife had cold so she takes ayurvedic kadha medicine and chayanprash so that may be the reason . sir i want to know how it ...

Cystic mass in left overy

submitted on 22 November 2011 16:32
sir before 2 year my wife delivered girl child through surgery. after that she diagonalize Cystic mass in left overy in ultra sound. doctor did not given any medicine that time she said that IT WI...

Cholestrol fibroids

submitted on 16 November 2011 15:44
before one year i found that some 4 or 5 Fibroids in my Thigh then i went to doctor than he said that this cholestrol related non cancerous tumour . there is no tratment for it. i want to know that...


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