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Cyst arising posterior horn of lateral meniscus

submitted on 2 July 2016 0:52
Hello doctor this is Saurabh, I'm a student. I m getting sounds from knees, and all over the joints,i n my. Body Recently i have gone through the mri scan, The reports are like, there is sma...
tags: Cyst

Knee pain, touching of bones nearly

submitted on 1 December 2015 2:11
Hello sir, I m 21 years old, I have been masturbating from 2008 regularly in more frequency, from the last 3 years I m having pain in the knee, I used to get cracking sound, I recently got a an xra...
tags: Artiritis

Thyroid, blood pressure, arthritis, spondylitis

submitted on 7 September 2015 1:58
Hello doctor, my aunt is having some problems, like thyroid, arthritis in knee joints, spondilitis, with high blood pressure having the reading between 130/90 to 150/100 Please suggest some urgent...

Memory loss

submitted on 8 August 2015 21:15
Sir, I m having weak memory, it process too slow, I m a student, I cannot remember the things properly it is effecting my studies. I want my brain to process fast. Suggest me some methods to follow...
tags: Brain

Problem in my leg

submitted on 13 July 2015 2:05
Sir my leg and hand are producing lots of cracking sound.. I do masturbate sometimes... I m thinking that its all happening because of this masturbation... I m tired all the time.. I usually get pi...
tags: Leg

Suffering from lateral collateral Ligament Tear from many days

submitted on 25 November 2014 0:39
I m 20 years... I m suffering from Ligament tear. usually when i walk some sort of sounds are to be heard.. and even while sitting cracking sounds are heard. from the knee.. I m single... please s...
tags: Ligament, Tear


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