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Hypoplastic uterus/uterus abnormality

asked by deepakdruhu on 21 August 2017 11:58
my wife has recently been diagnosed with hypoplastic uterus and size of her uterus is 4.1cm3.2cm2.1cm(lbh) and after doing her hormone level assesment ,her hormone levels are in normal range and she have regular periods so what can be the solution of this... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Hypoplastic, Uterus

Dengue Fever

asked by ncrsardana on 21 August 2017 11:51
Sir My Daughter 11 years old. She is suffering from Dengue fever and confirmed by her blood. I have given liquid i.e. water, nimbu pani, salted laasi. Please suggest me any medicine to cure the dengue fever and her platlates not... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Dengue, Fever

Hair loss, weight & weakness

asked by devprakash on 21 August 2017 6:18
pranam, mera naam Devprakash verma hai from bhilai chhattisgarh, age 27 Male, mujhe 5-6 yr se hair weak and fall ki problem hai.. is bich main mastrubation ka bhut aadi b ho gya tha jisse meri body strength mein b bhut asar pada, mastrubation abhi bahut control mein hai. mere head mein hairs regrow hote hi hai aur kuchh dino mein fir fall ho jate hain.Iske sath sath mera body weight abhi 76 kg hai... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Body, Hairfall, Weakness, Weight

Melasma problem

asked by Kandhei on 21 August 2017 1:02
I have a melasma problem in my chik from last 2 years. I have tried allopathic medicine but not got success. So please give me the treatment. My age is 28 female. I don't have this problem in my... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Skin

Dandruff, ichy Scalp & Hairfall

asked by sur2chouhan on 20 August 2017 20:51
I am 33 years old male, My professional is web designing. I have lots of dandruff & my scalp itches a lot also I have hairfall problem a lot due to dandruff. I regularly use Patanjali Kesh kanti Anti dandruff shampoo & from few weeks I have started applying Divya Kesh Taila but whenever I don't shampoo my hair dandruff increases and my scalp itches a lot, so I please request you to... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Dandruff, Hai, Hairfall

Need treatment for ulcers and intestine infections and indigestion

asked by Jagsher on 20 August 2017 17:41
I have been drinking alcohol past 12 years. 5 years back diagnosed with jaundice and got recover. But from last 4 years had issue with digestion and even stomach is upset. Done endoscopy and colonoscopy and found ulcers which I got treated .But still have with stomach and also my bilirubin levels are always high... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Ulcer, Stomach


asked by neevrsingh on 20 August 2017 15:47
Sir i m suffering from Erectiledysfunction andPrematureejaculation. My age is 26 can i take confido and ashwagandha both together. Or any other sugestion plz sir rply my post..earlier i had post in your site on 14 august but youhvenot replied that post yet plz sir give you valuable... Read More


asked by mild manners on 20 August 2017 15:28
I m in early 70's & suffering from ED for the last 10 years. Is there any remedy/medication to cure ED Kind Regards. Mild... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Ed

Gallbladder swollen

asked by ranjani on 20 August 2017 14:46
hai mother age is 51 . she is suffering from gallbladder swolling . can u say what are product u prefer to solve it... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Gallbladder


asked by devendra pal on 20 August 2017 14:44
Sir mujhe 2year se urticaria ki problem he Baal bhi jharte he poori body ke body dry rehta he body heat hota he chakkate daane ubher aate he sir meine kaafi treatment karaya he patanjali me bhi dikhaya per koi laabh Nahi hua plz sir help... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Urticaria

Sex problem

asked by deepu4794 on 20 August 2017 13:45
Male Age 37 Married Sex karte time ma 2 min me sakhlit ho jata hu. Bachpan me bahut hastmathun krta chahta hu mujhe koi asa ilaz bataye jis se mera sex time 30 mins tak ho jaye. Sir plz... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Sex

Remedy for Underarm lypoma

asked by Semwal on 20 August 2017 10:51
I am 30yrs old female.My weight is 58kgs.I am suffering from lypoma on both of my underarms & I feel they are growing.kindly... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Lypoma
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What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda with 2 words Ayu & Veda means "the knowledge of life". Ayurveda shows the way of living healthy life with natural remedies, healthy lifestyle and diet.

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?
Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from natural herbs & purified essential minerals in different forms to treat diseases.

How are the Ayurvedic medicines prepared?
Ayurvedic medicines are prepared as per the ancient texts and manuscripts written thousands of years back by sages. Ancient sages picked up many herbs & minerals from natural resources, and after doing immense research by focusing on rejuvenation, aphrodisiacs, detoxification, etc., had come with natural formulations for curing diseases.

What are the types of Ayurvedic medicines?
Ayurvedic medicines are prepared in various forms such as powder or Churna, Guggulu, Bhasmas, Vati / tablets, Kvath / Kwath or decoctions, semisolid medicines, Ras or Essence of herbs, Asavas / Aristhas or fermented medicines, Medicated Oils for external and internal usage.

What are the Benefits of ayurvedic medicines?
The present trend is to avoid the risk of side effects from medicinces & get the disease treated in a natural way. The benefits of ayurvedic medicines are they do not contain steroids. Modern medicine contains antibiotics, steroids & other chemical based compounds which causes side effects. Ayurvedic medicines will have some long term advantages on health & that helps to prevent the illness & future illness by improving immunity. Other benefit is that Ayurvedic medicine acts on the root cause and cures the disease completely.

Yoga and Benefits
Meaning of word Yoga is "to add" and main objectives of Yoga is relief from physical ailments, self-realization, good health and mental state. There are many physical poses & postures, which comes under yoga. Yoga helps to create a positive aura, which helps to lead a peaceful life. It helps to maintain flexibility of the body. Yoga poses or Asanas enhances proper functioning of circulatory system as well as respiratory system. It helps to boost strength, prevents anxiety, depression & encourages positive thoughts. Yogasanas or yoga poses can be practiced by anyone with some limitations. Yoga should not be practiced vigorously. In case of surgeries, avoid doing yoga poses but can do pranayama & other breathing techniques. Proper clothing is indicated, especially loose clothing & cotton clothing is preferred. Before starting yoga, one should get relieved from natural urges, & preferably do yoga empty stomach. One should practice Yoga in "Bramh Muhurtha", that is auspicious time between 4AM to 6AM.

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