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At you can ask questions to qualified B.A.M.S (Bachelor Degree of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) doctors FREE. We are trying to build awareness for Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines among people by answering their health questions & suggesting natural therapies. aims to spread our knowledge about natural remedies such as Ayurveda, Herbalism & Yoga in the whole world. Our doctor's team recommend only top quality ayurvedic & herbal medicines in answers provided. Patients from many of the metropolitan cities who are tired of allopathic system of chemical based medicines are now being benefited from our recommended Ayurvedic & herbal health products.

Recent Questions - Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Medicines

Regarding esophegous cancer cure

asked by Chilli on 29 September 2016 21:28
Namaste Babaji, mere uncle ko esophegous cancer stage 1 se increase Ho Gaya hai. Doctor are saying that ki operation Nahi Ho sakta bas chemotherapy hi jo sakti hai, jo bahut painful hai. Babaji please koi med ya koi yoga guide kar de. Unko khana b Nahi khaya ja raha.... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Cancer, Esophegous

R A Factor

asked by bhupindar on 29 September 2016 18:27
57 years, female,50 kg weight, Knee pain from last 5 Years,Leg muscles pain, Rheumatoid Arthritics Factor diagnosed 1 year back i.e.Value 40. It should be less than 20.It is still on 40. Thyroid diagnosed 10 years back and taking 40 mg THYRONORM . Normal diet pure veg ,not taking outside food, fastfood etc.taking milk fruits regularly . Menopause started 5 years back. No surgeries Two issues... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Arthritis

Remedy for Joint pain after chikungunya

asked by Shalini27sharma on 29 September 2016 17:04
My mother presently at the age of 61 suffered from chikungunya a month back. after recovering from fever she is having severe pain in body specially legs and knees along with swelling of joints.this pain is unbearable. she was already suffer from pain in her knees and feet, but that was tolerable. she is not suffering from diabetes and any heart disease. she was quite regular for her yoga... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Chickungunya-, Joint, Pain

For prostate cancer in last stage

asked by Medy on 29 September 2016 16:08
Namaste sir mere uncle Ko jan-16 Ko prostate cancer detect his tha aur tab unka PSA -66 tha uske bad unka 11- Feb 16 Ko operation hua tha uske bad unka PSA level 0.5 ho Gaya tha par uske bad sirf 8 month me uska PSA badhkar 78 ho Gaya he aur unko 13-9-16 Ko first camotherpy di gai he for bhi unka PSA level badhakar 124 ho chuka he aur cancer bones me bhi spread kar chuka he diabetes unko nahi he... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Cancer, Prostate

Swollen Liver

asked by sandeepthakur on 29 September 2016 14:54
I get pain in my stomach after I have a meal, I visited a alopethic doc but he said that its a mild swelling and gave me lot of tabs, i suffer from diabettes, hypertension and blood pressure (low) problems. My weight is around 80 kg and I am a female ... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags:


asked by villa on 29 September 2016 11:12
My wife is 45 years old.She has a problem of heavy continuous bleeding. DNC was done in april 16, after this problem was solved for 4 months. In sept 16, heavy continuous bleeding was started, sonography shows wall thickness of 40mm and bulky uterus. so thermal baloon therapy was done, which work for just 2-3 days with spotting after that bleeding started. Now she is on medicine and bleeding is... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Bleeding

Dizziness,and stress

asked by Shiv teertha on 28 September 2016 23:22
Hello dear sir, Am from karnataka my age is 30 Am doing pranayama daily 45 minutes With aasta channel but also now am feeling stress a day and also, when am driving bike on that time am feeling like dizziness.. whenever am going to alophetic clinic doctor checking no its is high 145/90 pls suggest me correct patanjali medicines totally am fearing because am regularly practicing pranayama... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Dizzinessbp

kidney problem

asked by jayanthy on 28 September 2016 20:39
Female age 70, my mother she got sugar for 40 years past 6 years kidney problem recently she got bulky uters with heavy bleeding and 2 time D& C done one year intervals last 10 day she got non stop heavy bleadding as per doctor advice EVEcare tonic given now it stop she got urea creatine 86 & 3.2 for last 1 month test result doctor advice to take chnadraprabha vati afternoon 1... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Kidney

Hip joint problam avn

asked by 12manish34 on 28 September 2016 19:08
Name Manish Sharma age 31 yrs sir mujhe avn hip problem h kya isko koi treatment h k pls help me doctor ne hip transplantation ke liye bola... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Avn, Bone, Dead, Hip

Heart attack problem

asked by Deshbandhu on 28 September 2016 18:29
Dear doctor, Mujhe heart attack ke liye deshi treatment jana hai . Like lauk juice and uske side effect. and peepal ke patto ke benifit aur side... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Heartattack

Huge hair loss

asked by sarat on 28 September 2016 18:21
Sir my wife suffering from hair fall since one month. She is 42 year's old. She is taking medine tyroxine-50mg. and levocet. .Please suggest which medicine to be taken stop hair fall and what should be she... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Fall, Hair


asked by K.H.RAWAL on 28 September 2016 17:33
Reply  -  Related Tags: Apnea, Sleep
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What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda with 2 words Ayu & Veda means "the knowledge of life". Ayurveda shows the way of living healthy life with natural remedies, healthy lifestyle and diet.

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?
Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from natural herbs & purified essential minerals in different forms to treat diseases.

How are the Ayurvedic medicines prepared?
Ayurvedic medicines are prepared as per the ancient texts and manuscripts written thousands of years back by sages. Ancient sages picked up many herbs & minerals from natural resources, and after doing immense research by focusing on rejuvenation, aphrodisiacs, detoxification, etc., had come with natural formulations for curing diseases.

What are the types of Ayurvedic medicines?
Ayurvedic medicines are prepared in various forms such as powder or Churna, Guggulu, Bhasmas, Vati / tablets, Kvath / Kwath or decoctions, semisolid medicines, Ras or Essence of herbs, Asavas / Aristhas or fermented medicines, Medicated Oils for external and internal usage.

What are the Benefits of ayurvedic medicines?
The present trend is to avoid the risk of side effects from medicinces & get the disease treated in a natural way. The benefits of ayurvedic medicines are they do not contain steroids. Modern medicine contains antibiotics, steroids & other chemical based compounds which causes side effects. Ayurvedic medicines will have some long term advantages on health & that helps to prevent the illness & future illness by improving immunity. Other benefit is that Ayurvedic medicine acts on the root cause and cures the disease completely.

Yoga and Benefits
Meaning of word Yoga is "to add" and main objectives of Yoga is relief from physical ailments, self-realization, good health and mental state. There are many physical poses & postures, which comes under yoga. Yoga helps to create a positive aura, which helps to lead a peaceful life. It helps to maintain flexibility of the body. Yoga poses or Asanas enhances proper functioning of circulatory system as well as respiratory system. It helps to boost strength, prevents anxiety, depression & encourages positive thoughts. Yogasanas or yoga poses can be practiced by anyone with some limitations. Yoga should not be practiced vigorously. In case of surgeries, avoid doing yoga poses but can do pranayama & other breathing techniques. Proper clothing is indicated, especially loose clothing & cotton clothing is preferred. Before starting yoga, one should get relieved from natural urges, & preferably do yoga empty stomach. One should practice Yoga in "Bramh Muhurtha", that is auspicious time between 4AM to 6AM.

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