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Is there a recommended Ayurvedic treatment for Herpes? this question feed

holideva, 9 December 2009 22:32

Is there a recommended Ayurvedic treatment for Herpes? I tried searching for Herpes on your webstore, and there was no result. Does this mean that there is no recommended Ayurvedic treatment and a person with Herpes should consult a medical doctor for antibiotics?

Tags: Ayurvedic treatment, Herpes
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello and greetings from myyog.com.

Herpes is a viral disease and we(medical field)have yet not found any sure treatment to cure viral infections or kill virus as in case of bacterial infections. Viral infections can only be controlled from further spread by regular use of antiviral medicines. There is no use of antibiotics in case of viral infections and we recommend you to avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics in viral infection or herpes.Herpes is self limiting as all other viral infections. We recommend you to take rest and avoid taking any antibiotics. Your pain and infections will be cured by itself with in five to seven days. Further queries are welcome.


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posted by Dr.Ravinder on 10 December 2009 8:37

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There are ayurvedic remedies such as Hyperisince, Alclearize and Alkoolize. They increase your immunity against the herpes specific virus and give you freedom from outbreaks. Many have been benefitted with the use of these remedies, without any adverse effects. They also bring about a cooling effect on the outbreaks.

posted by Guest on 17 May 2013 13:44

I heard there is no solution for it, how it possible why still scientist unable to discover the medicine for it.

posted by Guest on 26 November 2012 11:27

There are 3 natural treatments which I have just started using now (and not any antibiotics):

1) bee propolis capsules, which unlike antibiotics, are also indicated to have anti-viral benefits as well as anti-biotic. 2) UMF25+ manuka honey which has high enzyme activity, and promotes healing with anti-bacterial effects when applied directly to the infected skin 3) royal jelly, which has been used effectively for treatment of herpes

Interestingly, I have read that herpes can cause blindness whereas royal jelly can cure blindness.

Anyway, I agree to wait 1 week. At the same time, I have some concern because I am not sure whether it is only herpes, or something worse. I have read that, for example, first stage syphilis produces a herpes like sore which then goes away. A few months later, the patient then suffers second stage syphilis which involves skin lesions. The disease, however, can be easily cured by a simple treatment of antibiotic penicilin.

I hope this is not the case.

I will point out also that 15 years ago, I contracted a genital sore and visited a doctor right away at the time. He called it a Herpes sore and gave me antibiotics. Soon it was gone and hasn't returned since. The new sore that appeared now, 15 years later, is in a slightly different location, but nearby to the old one. Also, the first time this happened, I had no other symptoms other than the 1 sore. This time I have eczema skin rashes, fungal infections of nails and feet, and a small eye stye on my lower eyelid as well. The stye, which usually goes away in 3 days, has strangely persisted for over a month this time, although it is small. A persistent stye can sometimes indicated the presence of a more serious infection.

I have been taking Ayurvedic medicine for the last 1.5 months to treat the eczema skin rashes, and gladly they are gradually fading away except that the Herpes-like sore has now appeared recently in addition.

I am hoping that the propolis capsules, manuka honey application, and royal jelly will be effective in curing the Herpes-like sore without any antibiotics.

posted by holideva on 10 December 2009 22:45
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Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PaQhLrZQo-g
Sanda Oil
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