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Kidney issue due to genetic reason & life style this question feed

SRamesh , 16 November 2009 4:34

My brother ( 32 years ), is diagnosed with mild to moderate kidney failure with 65% one kidney and 35 % another. The creatinine levels is 4.6 . The kidney sizes are shrinking. As we understand from parents (they are not educated) , my brother had issue of puss in urine when he was 9 month old. Doctor said he has in his ureter and he bypassed from other route the unine for few months , after that issue recovered and again original path was retained. Today docotr say, he has genetic problem of creating high uric acid and that is damaging the kidneys. He is given allopathic medicine to control uric acid . He also has high cholesterol level (250) and BP 140-160 . My brother has very bad life style due to his high ambitions in his career. He consumed lots of non veg ih recent years, artificial protein water products, has habit of tobacco , no regular eating-sleeping timings, no exercise . All family situation is painful to see his life going down , but he has realized now the importance of health and trying to get information from various sources. My kind question to you, 1. Will pranayam and yoga help him in his situation? (as this is quite above normal ) 2. Is the transplant is the solution as allopathic doctor says? 3.Can creatinine and uric acid production be maintained and life can be normal ? 4. Will you recommend him to come to Haridhar ? Will there be any class in Mumbai? Appreciate your reply

Tags: Ayurvedic medicines for kidney, Kidney
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello and greetings from

Kidney is very important organ in our body which performs the function of excretion. It clears the harmful end products of various metabolism processes inside body and clears the toxins from body. Kidney failure is a serious problem and can lead to fatal consequences if not treated well in time. Infections sometime reach to kidneys as in your case and may totally damage the kidney cells. If the condition of patient is very bad then dialysis and kidney transplant should be performed as early as possible. Ayurvedic medicines have very good success rate in treatment of kidney diseases. He should take light home made meals and avoid alcohol etc. to get healthy.You should start with special package for kidney failure problem. This package consists of various Ayurvedic medicines which are safe as well as very important to maintain proper functions of kidney. These medicines activate renal cells to increase their functional output and urine production. Slowly his creatinine and uric acids will come in normal limits. All renal function tests will improve with these medicines. A regular course of these medicines is very helpful to save the patient from painful dialysis and transplant operation. These medicines help in maintaining overall health of patient. Pranayam and yoga will also help to get better results in increasing vitality of whole body. There is no need to visit any center and you can get these medicines directly at your home by post. We request you to please visit to purchase all original and pure Ayurvedic medicines. We will deliver your medicines at your door step at our earliest. So start with the regular course of these medicines and increase water intake.


Pls. visit our store for Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines
posted by Dr.Ravinder on 16 November 2009 4:37

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Try Calwood Nutrional.Com and Majid Ali, reversing kidney failure. very good

posted by sojopal on 3 March 2011 4:37
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As it has become chronic, you have to continue with the dialysis to bring your urea, creatinine levels to normal. Sometimes the NSAID causes glomerulonephritis which is usually corrected, but sometimes progresses to chronic kidney disease. Anyhow please continue to have your regular checkups to avoid complications. As your kidney function is very poor, it is unable to excrete the wastes.. Read more
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