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yoga_seeker, 10 April 2010 9:35

Is it possible to cure heart diseases and strengthen your heart with the help of Yoga?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Yes yoga has a very keen role in maintaining a healthy heart. Yoga coupled with a healthy diet is the one which ensures longevity of heart.There are several postures in yoga which can help improve functioning of heart.

Pranayama or breathing exercise is the one which can be practiced along with meditation. Both these techniques are found very much helpful in keeping both mind and body calm.Apart from getting relieved of stress , it is seen helpful in maintaining proper functioning of heart as well.

There are several yoga postures which can help maintain proper functioning of heart . A few of them include Paschimottamasana, dhanurasana, urdhwahasthasana, baddha kanasana etc. All these postures are seen playing wide range of roles in the body. Apart from improving blood circulation in the body, it is seen helpful in improving oxygen supply to the body tissues easily. It strengthens the abdominal walls and protects the body from conditions such as hernia. It is seen strengthening the entire muscles of the body thereby making body fit to move in any direction.

All these techniques shall be practised only from an experienced yoga master.

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posted by Dr.Sony on 2 April 2014 19:04

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respected swamiji sorry sir i cannot write english so i write in hindi language sir mujhe kuch dino se heart me pain ho rha hai or koi awaj teje si hoti hai jese cars ke horn or tej awaje usse muje ghbarahat ho jati hai meri heartbet bhi badh jati hai hear me currnet sa bhi uth jata hai krpya karke mujhe kuch asan or medicine ke bare me batlaye thankyou sir

posted by Guest on 1 July 2016 19:59


As your father is suffering from cardiovascular problem, with coronary artery disease, it is better to consider the doctor’s advice and they are suggesting emergency angioplasty, it is better to proceed with that, however, if they are giving enough time to correct, then along with allopath medicines, you may use Ayurvedic medicines and follow yoga and pranayama. You can take your father to an Ayurvedic doctor and make him understand the scenario and accordingly he can learn some simple yoga poses and along with that pranayama which is helpful for his condition. IN most of the conditions, there are chances that collateral circulation can happen and accordingly this condition can be managed, for which there are certain Ayurvedic medicines which are helpful such as Guggulu preparations.

You can try to consume the following medicines such as Package Medicine that contains two medicines which are helpful and paralelly you may give Arjuna Capsules which are helpful for this condition.

You may ask him to practice mild exercises, and breathing exercises which are helpful in such conditions.

posted by Dr.Smitha on 28 March 2014 12:31

sir I am Fiji hard work is no problem.but I stand in fallen +(mean stand to group) heart main ghavrahat hoti hair. sir I ask you; which is problem heart or brain? my old problem is d.n.s 2004 to 2012. I have operation but present time allergy is no lmprovement.sir tell m e solution.ok

posted by Guest on 9 July 2013 19:36

Dear YOUR Cardiologist have explained rightly and the complications related with it. However you may try to manage it with Natural therapy , [may not substitute the conventional treatment] Following is given the natural remedies and lifestyle which my make it better:

Lifestyle: Avoid Mansik veg like of Jealousy ,hatred ,Shok etc, these have very scientific basis to it ,they affect heart rythm and it has to work more.So completely avoid it.There are many techs to do that.Meditation is one. Try to keep Maun Vrat often ,will help lessen ANGINA attack.

Diet: Drink warm water and eat 2/3 only of your appetite. Will reduce burden on body systems.

medicine: You may take Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for Coronary Artery / Heart diseas ,it contains medicines for improving heart functions.

Yoga: Yoga VCD for Heart diseases mentions Yoga and pranayam good for improving heart function,keep it in mind that pranayma should be done according to blood pressure and done very slowly to suit one s body.

best of luck

posted by Dr.Sharma on 7 February 2013 11:00

Respected Swamiji,

I was undergone for the Angioplasty in the year 1997 and thereafter Bye-pass surgery in November,2000. After 11 years again i got the Angina pain and consulted the cardiac surgeon in JUNE, 2011 and did the Angiography and found 100% BLOC IN RCA(i.e. Right Coronary Artery) and advised not to go for any surgery because it may be dangerous.

Please advise if I have to take some treatment for somedays at Pantajai etc.

Regards, Rushikesh J Dave

posted by Guest on 5 February 2013 16:14

Natural therapy mentioned here is mentioned effective. You may consult your physician and do bit research to check the effectiveness.

posted by YogaGuru on 23 July 2012 11:55

Respected sir, my father age is 65. after angiography there are 2 100% blockage & one is 70% blockage. it is possiable to remove this disease by yoga or ayurvedic medicines. please give me yours needfull advice.

thank u


posted by Guest on 23 July 2012 11:05

Yoga for Heart

Begin with easy asana like Vajrasana, Ushtrasana, Shalabhasana, Makarasana, Sinhasana, Pavanmuktasana & laughing exercise. Increase the duration gradually & practice Shavasana in the end.

Pranayam, Nadi shodhan, Kapalbhati & Brahmari are very beneficial.

Practice Yog nidra for 20 to 40 minutes everyday. Close eyes for 30 minutes & listen to favourite music.

A heart patient should never take bath with cold water. If the patient complains of discomfort due to treatment then make him lie down on the bed.

If the patient feels healthy then he should take small strolls & do some light exercises for relaxation.

The heart patient should rest whenever he or she feels tired. Hastiness of any kind is to be avoided. Use very little amount of water at the time of eating food. Drink water in gulps & do not fill the stomach suddenly. Do not drink very cold water.

Meditation helps in strengthening the heart; therefore practice it in a quiet place.

Be affectionate to all, love improves heart condition & negative qualities like jealousy, hatred, & anger increase the risk of heart disease.

Be positive & laugh whole-heartedly at least once a day. Avoid noise & air pollution.

posted by YogaGuru on 10 April 2010 9:40
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