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Yoga for pregnant woman this question feed

sati, 7 April 2010 12:37

Whether i can continue yoga and yog asanas in pregnancy, is yoga recommened for pregnant women. If indicated, what kind of precautions I must take while doing yoga? Is it okay to do pranayama also?

Tags: Niyama, Poses, Yama, Asanas, Pranayama
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Divya Medohar Vati is a combination of herbs like kutki, nishoda, babool, triphala, vayuvidanga, haritaki, shuddha guggulu and Shilajit. It is not advisable to take medicines after confirming that you are pregnant. As soon as you become pregnant, it is essential to take nourishing foods which is beneficial for the growth of the foetus. So you can follow healthy lifestyle changes that will help to maintain a healthy weight. There will be gradual increase in weight during the second trimester. Please do have regular checkups. You can include cabbage, honey, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, jujube fruit, drumstick, bittergourd and plantain stem in your diet. Reduce excess sugar, salt and oily fatty foods. Try to eat more frequent small meals. Always have an early supper and avoid heavy foods for supper. Yogasanas like vajrasana, bhujangasana, tadasana, trikonasana and Utkadasana can be done without any pressure in the abdomen.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 17 May 2015 3:21

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I am 6 months pregnant and i have high bp..before pregnancy my bp was normal..what medicines can i take to reduce my bp in pregnancy.. I dont want to take allopathic medicine .

posted by Guest on 7 December 2015 0:16

There will be gradual increase in weight once you become pregnant. It will be more visible after the second trimester. It varies in each person which sometimes follows in the family. Medicines for weight loss must be taken before becoming pregnant, as you have to eat healthy nutritious food to nourish the fetus.

So medicines that tend to reduce weight will be hot in potency which is not advisable. Instead eat healthy food with more frequencies.

The normal foods that help to get rid of the fat can be taken moderatley which are horsegram, cabbage, honey, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, jujube fruit, drumstick, bittergourd, plantain stem. You can also do some gentle exercises and Yogasanas like vajrasana, paschimottasana, bhujangasana, padahastasana, tadasana, trikonasana, Utkadasana and Pranayamam can be practised. Try to avoid excessive pressure in the abdomen. Try to sleep one side from the second trimester.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 9 December 2014 22:06

Sir,i m a pregnant women. It,s my 1st month.i m already obese. My weight is 79kg.i m worried.can i take medohar vati during my pregnancy? I want a healthy baby.i have no other problem.pls reply soon.

posted by Guest on 7 December 2014 14:12

Hello, From what you have mentioned i assume that you are having stomach even after delivery. Please mentioned how many days you have completed after your delivery so that i can explain you some techniques to reduce your Belly. It is quite natural that some women will still have stomach even after delivery. After 45 days of delivery your uterus will be back to normal stage and you can start doing certain exercise to reduce your belly. You can bind your stomach with Abdomen binder( Abdomen belt or sauna belt),you can tie this in day time. You can also use cloth to tie your abdomen firmly. Daily using this for about 1 month can reduce the size of your abdomen. It will take time to reduce the fat which is deposited on your body while pregnancy but you can surely reduce it in course of time. Walking for about 30 minutes daily can be beneficial. You can also do Panchakarma Treatment termed Udhwarthana, this will also be extremely beneficial for you to reduce your belly. It is an Ayurvedic powder massage done with fat absorbing powder which will reduce your abdomen size in few weeks.

posted by Dr Roshan on 29 September 2014 12:13

Sir my question is after pregnesy my stomach is looked to six month pregnet women pl.tell me ayurvdik my question answer.i love your progaram I wacth it

posted by Guest on 26 September 2014 8:15

Sir, hume gility ka problem hai. homeopath, elopath me bhi dhikaya hai. lekin koi fayda nahi hua hai sabhi doc. ise charbi jma hona kehte hai. medi. batay. 10 yrs se prob. hai, i am 30 yrs old. my no. 98######21

posted by singh santosh on 2 April 2013 10:32

MRI shdi huy 4 mahne hye lkin b tk mri biwi pregnant NAHI huwi KYA prob. ho skti he plz yogye sujhaw de..... ??? AUR hum kaise sahwas kare ye b batao.................

posted by Guest on 1 April 2013 14:12

Yoga for pregnant lady

One should take precautions while doing yoga during pregnancy.

Some important points to be noted like

All postures can be continued till first trimester that is first 3 months. However, during first trimester avoid strenuous exercises and avoid difficult yoga postures.

One can perform mild movements or poses and standing poses are necessary and take care that there should not be feeling of pressure in abdomen while doing yoga.

The poses like baddha konasana, and upavistha konasana can be practiced, as these postures are very useful to give tonicity to the pelvic muscles and helps to reduce the intensity of labour pains.

Pranayama can be done, that is anuloma-viloma pranayama by avoiding retention step (kumbhaka), this can be practiced throughout the course of pregnancy, it helps to maintain peaceful mind.

Yama, niyama, asana, and pranayama are a part of yoga and can be practiced together as these four factors are a part of yoga or ashtanga yoga. Like following good deeds, and being loyal and following non-violence, etc are very important. Following niyamas or good conducts like maintaining hygiene, being happy, know yourself, dedication to the lord are the factors to be followed. These yama and niyamas are having positive impact during the child birth which has to be noted as an important.

Overall, along with doing above mentioned postures, one can practice yama and niayama and pranayama, which are very helpful.

With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 9 April 2010 6:13
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