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Benedictine low in my body

asked by shailesh prajapati on 6 November 2018 20:39
B12 is low in my body please show me medicine in patan kali Ayurveda store or give me doctor's contact number &what eat in my... Read More
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Ayurvedic treatment

asked by Saikruppa on 23 August 2018 10:49
Hidr. My age is 36 am suffering from high blood pressure and thyroid at beginning am having 4 yrs old son before I never had thyroid and I have... Read More
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Burning Sensation & Pain in Limbs

asked by Gobbur on 17 August 2018 16:06
Dear Sir, I have been suffering from High BP for over 20 yrs & Diabetes for 5 years. My Medication include 1) Temsan CT 40 2) Vogs M... Read More
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About character neo tablets

asked by Snigdhakaul on 28 June 2018 13:12
I am 45 year old lady. I have perimenausal symptoms like high bp, anxiety, dizziness, weakness. My Ayurvedic gynecologist prescribed me shatavari... Read More
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Medical Advice

asked by Amar@123 on 21 October 2017 23:32
Dear Sir/Madam, I am 40 Yrs old suffering from high BP and Diabetes from past 7 Yrs. At present I am taking allopathic medicine for high BP is... Read More
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Liver polyps

asked by pandyakishore on 29 August 2017 16:24
Age 68 Years. Recent Heart problem and one stant. BP as well prostate as well Diabetic now liver... Read More
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High cholesterol and high blood pressure

asked by gayu@gmail.com on 26 July 2017 12:13
My husband having high cholesterol 282 and high bp 152. please suggest me some medicines for that. Thank... Read More
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For sex problem

asked by Aaham on 13 June 2017 23:51
I want increse my sex power or time period Sex karne k baad kuch aacha nahi lagta or kai dino tak kuch maan nahi karta or time level bhi bhaut kam... Read More
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Is Divya Mukti Vatican Substitute of Telday 80

asked by maheshjvajir on 1 May 2017 9:12
I am taking Telday 80 for my high BP. Can I take Divya Mukti Vati instead of Telday 80 ? As of now I take 1 tablet per day and my BP is under... Read More
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Height increase

asked by saikumar abhimanyu on 27 April 2017 23:22
age:20 gender:male surgeries:tansils marital status:unmarried sleep:some time have a problem bowles:the entire system is perfect because i drink... Read More
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Low hemoglobin

asked by Kinjal30 on 24 April 2017 12:03
Hello doctor My age is 28 and m suffering from low hemoglobin its usually between 9 to 10 I have regular periods and no heavy flow. M married... Read More
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High triglyceride

asked by ajitkumar on 9 April 2017 17:35
Age : 55 , Gender : Male , High Triglyceride level and BP, Medicine for BP started 10 days back, Father and mother have BP, No such history or... Read More
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Anal fissure and wart

asked by Salvatore on 25 March 2017 12:07
Respected, My mother has problem of anal fissure which was cured after taking medicine. However, she has wart in her anal opening since 24 years... Read More
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Admission to patanjali yogepeeth

asked by aakarshan on 20 March 2017 18:57
Sir, my mother is suffering from high B.P. and Sugar and she wants to get the proper treatment in Patanjali Yogepeeth. So, please tell me the... Read More
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Cholesterol & BP results to be evaluated

asked by CHN on 26 February 2017 23:52
Hello, I am 40 yrs old and few days back suddenly my BP shot up to 200/110 when i was in office and i was very shocked. My heart beat became very... Read More
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Gallbladder Stone

asked by Gora1981 on 17 February 2017 19:16
Sir I am 35 yrs Male have been suffering from gallbladder Stone measuring 5 mm in diameter ,a solitary calculas cholelithiasis in the neck of... Read More
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Could I use Arjuna herbal tablet for heart issues?

asked by ksen on 4 September 2016 9:02
Hi, I have been having anxiety problem and taking Ayurvedic medicine saraswatharishtam 30ml before bed for last two months and getting few hours... Read More
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Kidney and gall blader stone

asked by satishpgt on 15 July 2016 7:08
Hlo sir..my father is 70 yr old and high bp patient.he has two stones one in kidney and another gall blader about 16 mm each.cardiologist declare... Read More
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High BP and muktavati

asked by Haridas on 2 July 2016 14:29
My age is 62 years. I am male. I have high BP problem since 10 years. My father has also Bp problem.I have no surgery.I am married.I am walking 30... Read More
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My BP is 140/100.

asked by Haridas on 1 July 2016 15:17
My BP is 140/100. I have taken Muktavati for 10 days. Then my bp was become normal, But I faced the trouble of nasal congestion duirng erly... Read More
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