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Small cell lung cancer patient

asked by Hament89 on 8 March 2019 18:20
My father had been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer with lesion of 10*11cm in his left lung with metastatic to nearby lymphnode. No metastasis to any other part of body. We have started with chemo and immunotherapy. Could you please suggest what can we do to prolong his life? Age: 60 years No other issues like hypertension... Read More
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Primary infertility

asked by hadighrbal on 9 December 2018 2:22
Hi, I'm 42 years old and I'm married since 17 years and I don't have kids, I do semen analysis and result is no spermatozoa seen than I do testicular biopsies and both testicular "two fragments of soft tan tissue up to2 mm.AT x 1cas."and it have testicular atrophy and it have sertoli cells only, so on my case there's any ayurveda medicine? My email address:... Read More
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Squamous cell carcinoma

asked by Lavanyam on 31 May 2017 18:29
Sir, my mother got squamous cell carcinoma. Its in stage-3. She is 54 years old. Currently she is able to take liquids, semi liquid foods. Can you give her ayurvedic treatment in stage... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Squamous cell carcinoma refers to the carcinoma squamous cells (skin cells type) which usually lines soft tissues area like anus, mouth, cervix, urinary bladder and lungs mainlythey are considered to be a slow growing in nature and has substantial risk of metastasis but the chances of metastasis increases if immunity of the patient is suppressed considerablyFollowing ayurvedic medicines.. Read more

Sir i have do full ayurvedic medicine for my mom cancer treatment

asked by rahugautam on 16 February 2017 16:44
age 45. female my mom suddenly after 7th cycle of chemotherapy the tumar incearse so now suddenly we have to ayurevedic medicine for patanjali guide me docter. weight loss. problem in digestive system & not able to eat normal diet. csncer type:small cell carinoma in galbader part of tje body. in. our family this cancer happen first time to my mom, so docter help in whichmedecine should i... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Small cell carcinoma of gall bladder is a aggressive cancer with a very poor prognosis. The extent of metastasis will be quick with a lack or poor response to the medications or the treatments. Palliative care must be given to make her feel comfortable. Please follow the advise of your treating physician. Radiation and chemotherapy are advised to control the spread of the cancerous cells. In.. Read more

Cancer of oesophagus + metastasis in stomach +intestine obstruction

asked by dharamanand on 3 February 2017 19:15
Sir, My Brother, aged 52, was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma stage 3 on 26.12.2016 with primary tumour at the G-E junction, lower 3rd of oesophagus plus spread to tissues of the abdomen + acute intestinal obstruction, 1 cycle of chemo was given on 31.12.2016 (4 days), Since then he has had difficulty swallowing and drinking water, so he is only on parental nutrition, Doctor has opined that... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Kanika):- Hello, Squamous cell carcinoma is cancer of squamous cells (skin cells type) involving mainly soft tissues area like anus, mouth, cervix. urinary bladder and lungsAlthough it is slow growing in nature and has substantial risk of metastasis. But metastasis risk is higher in person having immuno suppressionFollowing ayurvedic medicines should be taken along with convectional drugs to stop the metastasis.. Read more

About sickle cell disease

asked by Suresh Chandra Sahoo on 29 March 2016 11:38
Sir, I Suresh Chandra Sahoo aged about 46 yrs and my two children aged about 21 & 19 years. Now we are suffering from sickle cell trait anemia. Due to this disease we are suffering a lot like painful in body and always the hemoglobin level is very law i.e. 8 to 9. Doctor advise to take only folic acid tablet. Please suggest me for better treatment from patanjali... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Sickle cell anemia is an inherited disease acquired due to defective red blood cells. Anemia and body pain are the most common problems as the sickle shaped red blood cells reduce the flow of the blood causing severe pain in the specific areas. Anemia will also cause severe tiredness which may also hinder the daily activities. Ayurvedic medicines like Karumpirumbadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm.. Read more

Renal cell carcinoma

asked by adi21 on 2 March 2015 16:42
Namste Doctor mein 35 yrs male, mera operation hua radical nephrectomy, aur reginol lympathy aur tumor biopsy report clear cell rcc aayi thi pathology stage- pt3 pn2 pmx, abhi is baat ko 2 months ho gaye aur doctor ke recent blood test mein doctor ne kaha hai ki its microscopically cancer germ hai par aap ko abhi timley checkup ke liye aana hoga aur is bimari ka relapse hone ka high risk hai.Abhi... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, If you are suffering from renal cell carcinoma, post therapies, you may need to follow proper medications and along with that these Ayurvedic medicines will help you in supplementing manner or helps in relieving symptomatic manner. So, if you are having any issues like urinary infections, or as you mentioned if you are having cyst in epidydimis, that can be corrected with these medicines and.. Read more

Ayurvedic treatment of Giant cell Tumor of Spine

asked by vinodjoshi on 31 August 2014 0:47
Dear Sir, My wife Nidhi Joshi has suffered from a Giant cell Tumor of Spine at D 12 location of vertebra. She was operated last year in the month of August'13. Now the tumor has recurred with aggressive rate. Doctors have suggested to go for a surgery again. Please let me know about possibilities for treatment of the giant cell tumor. Thank you, Vinod Joshi For patient Nidhi... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Giant cell tumour of the spine is a benign aggressive tumour which is commonly found in the metaphysis of the long bones. It is also found in other places like sacrum. The symptoms associated with it are bone pain, soft tissue mass and the compression of the adjacent structures causes pain along with numbness. The mass is composed with the osteoclast gaint cells and the mononuclear cells. Surgical.. Read more

Sickle cell trait

asked by manojhariom on 26 February 2013 19:26
Pranam guruvar! mere pure sharir me dard rahta hai, kabhi kabhi sans phulane lagati hai. sabhi prakar ka diagnosis ho chuka hai. sab kuchh normal hai par sickling positive aaya hai. mujhe sickle cell trait positive bataya gaya hai. doctor sirf folic acid ki tablet aur multivitamin dete hai. kripya iska ilaz batayen aur uchit yog athva pranayam... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Sharma):- Dear Guest Apko jop problem discover hui hai ,vah genetic hoti hai aur iske liye conventional treatment me jyada kuch nahi rahta Iski vajah se Blood me kahrabi rahati haii aur Sharir me dard ,sans foolna kyoki Oxygen carrying capacity par prabhva padata hai aur sharir me circulation par asar padne se use nutritious supply theek se nahi mil pati Ap iske liye Livomap ,Giloya ras,Wheat grass.. Read more

Ayurvedic Medicines products for sq. cell carcinoma esophagus cancer

asked by on 26 December 2012 21:30
Dear sir/ madam ,My father age 70 year He showed symptoms of difficulty in swallowing food and pain of Neck on OCT. 2012. Since suggested by the doctor some Investigation ´┐ŻBarium swallow study & Endoscopy & Histopathology & CT scan On Date 08.12.2012 Doctor all read report , He is case of SQ. cell carcinoma Esophagus , CT wise growth middle 1/3 RD ,T3N1MO.& Doctor Suggested by... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Sony):- Hello, As you know squamous cells are those which are seen to line the upper part of cancer. When these cells become cancerous , then it is usually referred as Esophageal cancer.There is another type called adenocarcinoma which is not related to the condition given The most common feature of this cancer is the difficulty to swallow food and pain while swallowing due to inflammation.In ayurveda, it is.. Read more


asked by ashis1234 on 27 August 2012 0:31
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Small cell carcinoma of lungs do occur with many causative factors and in few individuals it is due to chronic smoking and even due to some external factors like certain polluted dust particles. As the patient is 62-year-old and depending up on the stage of cancer the treatment line depends. If it is in initial stages, patient may need to go for allopath treatments whichever indicated and in.. Read more

Sickle cell anemia

asked by Chiu on 13 December 2010 14:01
Sir my friend have the problem of sickle cell anemia.In this desease the shape of the RBC's is cricent not normal so they cant move easily.he is suffering alot.please tell me the remedy and is their any treatment availale i... Read More
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How much quantity and vitamin D

asked by manajeeb on 2 January 2010 6:07
how much quantity i need to order of Shiljati SAT, Swarn Makshik bhasma, LOki juice and thyroid medicine for three to four month coursehow much i should take all of these each day.should i continue taking prenatal plus vitamin and b12 1000mcgw/800 folic acid i dont take anythig separate for vitamin D insufficiencywill these medicines will build new parietal... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ravinder):- Hello and greetings from We recommend you to visit for full detils of medicines, their price, quantity, doses and packages available. Start your medicines and keep your course regular but do not leave your ongoing medicines abruptly to avoid any negative effect. Slowly shift to ayurvedic medicines and take them regularly till complete benefit. A regular.. Read more

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