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Weight loss issue

asked by Nima12 on 27 August 2018 14:33
I am 32 years old. Gender- F Merital status - Married, regular menstural, not yet plan for baby. I having weight loss issue, i am not being able... Read More
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Gerd tightness in throat

asked by Kangna sharma on 4 August 2018 23:45
Hello sir/mam I am 28 years old female and am married, from last one year I am suffering from GERD there is some tightness in my throat some... Read More
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Bad breath comes always from stomach

asked by Shubhs on 8 February 2018 20:04
Pranam,sir my questions is that always bad breath comes from mouth and stay after brushing also and get worst after eating something and acidity... Read More
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Regarding GERD

asked by anoop771981 on 15 November 2017 12:36
i m anoop kumar age 36 . i m suffring from GERd since last 6 years. i feel slow pain in my chest usually in left side regular. some time in my... Read More
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Having acidity problem since last 1 year

asked by Sarthak B on 28 October 2017 23:50
Hello sir, please help is required.. My self sarthak prajapati from india. Well i was a healthy one just before 1 year ago. But than suddenly i... Read More
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Pranayam for GERD

asked by Ashu07 on 4 July 2017 14:02
Hi, I am 28yrs old male suffering from Gastroesophageal reflux disease/ Acidity since an year. Not much difference from aelopathic medicines. Can... Read More
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For treatment of GERD.

asked by vinu16 on 22 June 2017 18:23
My father is 41 years old.He has Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD for abour 20 years.He is taking medicines for the same.If he forgets to... Read More
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GERD/ LES Loosen

asked by Dhavalsinh on 6 February 2017 1:00
Hello Dr. My name is Dhavalsinh Barad, I am suffering from acid re-flux, due to that I feel continuous lump in my throat and burp and sometime... Read More
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Does hypothyroidism cause a lax LES?

asked by Sarala on 18 January 2017 15:04
Dear Dr. Ramani, Thank you for your kind response. I shall follow your advise with regard to my diet and medication. I just wanted to know if... Read More
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asked by Sarala on 15 January 2017 21:19
I am Sarala, age 43 yrs, female, suffering from GERD, Esophagitis, PAN gastritis,hiatal hernia and hypothyroidism for past 4 yrs. Though I... Read More
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Low immunity level of my 5year old girl child

asked by Rakesh Dubey on 19 September 2016 0:33
My 5 year old daughter has very low immunity level. She catches cough and cold very easily.It does not go without nebulization or antibiotics.She... Read More
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GERD and Bronchitis

asked by ChandrasBangalore on 18 February 2016 21:53
Respected Vaidya, I had flu in 4 months back, which triggered Bronchitis with lot of Phlegm. I tried allopathy - antibiotics and... Read More
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Hiateus Hernia (GERD) found in endoscopy

asked by Raghav om on 15 January 2016 16:25
Hello Sir, I am 32 yrs old and suffering from severe acidity problem, 3 yrs back i had done my endoscopy and found that esophagus is in opened... Read More
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Gerd, chrons, gastric and acidity,UTI

asked by satishkumar.jkc1 on 3 January 2016 19:33
My age is 25 male. I have been suffering from acid reflux for seven years, at early years i neglected it and i didn.t aware about that i have gerd... Read More
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I.B.S Problem

asked by mmohiley on 14 November 2014 11:33
HI, I m suffering from irretable bowle syndrome as well as gastroesophagus reflux disease. I have taken treatment from gastroentrologis and take... Read More
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How to reduce prolactin level in ayurveda

asked by shrilalji on 9 August 2014 23:09
I am 29/m .I m suffering from GERD with hiatus hernia. I have found the prolactin level increased in my body which is 19 and testosterone level is... Read More
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I am 30 years old

asked by bubul on 3 August 2014 21:31
I am 30 years old male .i am suffering from gerd for 5 years.i am using alo medicine for 5 years but i am not cure.please advice me some... Read More
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Gerd problem

asked by joshi m on 15 July 2014 10:12
Sir muje 20 years se gerd acid reflux ki problem hai17gastrointrologistse mila hu 6 time andoscopy ho gai hai hpylori negetive hai liver kidny... Read More
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asked by chotukumar on 1 October 2013 21:53
Im 23year old male. suffering ffrom gasrtro esophgul reflux disease snnce 4yrs. pleae prrescribe some... Read More
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Pranayam and Yoga for GERD with Hiatus hernia

asked by Deepak CT on 17 August 2013 11:54
Namashkar, I am 30 year old male,diagnose with 1)non ulcer dyspepsia with reflux and 2)GERD with Hiatus hernia. Which Pranayam and asans I... Read More
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