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IBS - Ayurvedic Medicines & Remedies

Ibs weight loss

asked by Jk12345 on 10 February 2018 8:29
Dear sir, I have ibs since my child hood, I am 34 presently, losing weight, as frequently I have to go bathroom. Kindly suggest me something to have weight gain... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Irritable bowel syndrome impairs the metabolism and affects the digestion or nourishment to the tissues. In that case, digestion has to be improved and then medicines that help to nourish or gain weight can be taken. Medicines like Indukant Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Triphalahills for Healthy Digestion and Vidaryadi lehyam - 1tsp after food at bedtime can be taken.. Read more

Ibs d losing weight

asked by Ramankamboj on 15 January 2018 13:27
Sir I'm 23 years old and i have ibs d. I have to go to toilet 4-5 times a day. But this is not my main concern . I can live with it. My main problem is weight loss. I have lost 7 kg wait in one year. I.m 5'9 and my weight is 54 I have lost almost all of muscle and i'm afraid that in few months i will look like a skeleton.... Read More
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Suffering from abdominal disorder from 5 months but still dont know if it is ibs or not help plzz

asked by Sarthak199 on 26 September 2017 19:47
I m suffering from abdominal problems from 5 months Still dont know if its ibs or not Loose stools are coming Loss in appetite Milk creates problem whenever i drink it Although curd is not creating any problem I am very worried about my life If it is ibs is it curable permanently or not I really want my health back as it was before PlS help mee I want complete information if u help in curing it or... Read More
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On Inflamation bowl syndrome(IBS)

asked by Sunita d on 8 September 2017 8:50
Age-29 Gender-female Present complaint- IBS with somedays loose stool Duration-6 months Past illness- i had eaten medicine given by naturopathy doctor for neuro of gold bhasam. As i was facing problem of weak digestiom from last 4-5 yrs where i had bloating and indigestion but did not had growling and loose stools. From last 4 months when this started IBS i got weakness also. When i do yoga in... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Raised pitta dosha leads to indigestion and excessive growling as the intestinal inner linning is inflammed which further might lead to peptic ulcer formationFirstly it is advisable to undergo endoscopy to evaluate the digestion system status furtherAyurvedic medicines recommended afterwards for 2 months are as follows- 1.Bilvadi churan- one tablespoon with luke warm water before meals twice a.. Read more

IBS problem

asked by Vijay387 on 5 August 2017 18:11
Hello sir my name is vijay i am 25 years old. Sir main 2 saal se IBS ki prblm se pareshan hu mera upper abdomen tight ho jata h aisa lgta intestine tight ho jati h weakness rhti h puri body me ! Tingling feel hoti h whole body me top gaestro ko dikha chuka hu bht allopathic treatment le chuka h itna pareshan hu ki roone lgta hu main zindagi narak bnn gyi h ! Ct scan 2 times , upper endoscopy 2... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Irritable bowel syndrome has a cardinal  symptom of characteristic abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort and altered bowel movements- hard or soft bowels affecting usually small intestine. Ayurveda calls it GRAHANI, where aam dosha is main cause of altered bowel movementsAyurvedic medicines recommended are as follows- 1.Organic bowel capsules- 2 capsules twice a day after meals with luke.. Read more

Irritable bowels sydrom

asked by ganesh24 on 14 June 2017 22:00
Age:30 height: 5.3, skin: black & white, suffer from IBS disease from last 4 years, loss hair, loss weight, digestive system is not working properly. After took meal gas will increase & stomach fill with big & a lot of... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Decreased digestive fire produces ama dosha with in the body which disturbs the digestion and leads to irritable bowel syndromeAyurvedic medication advised for 4 months are as follows- 1.Divya dashmoola kwath or devdaru kwath- 30ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals2.Panchkola churan-1 tablespoon twice a day before meals with luke warm water3.Pipparamoola churan- 1 tablespoon in.. Read more

Loud burps, full body bloatedness, fatiue

asked by Pammi69 on 21 April 2017 2:58
My age is 48 years. I am married. My main problem is very loud burps and my body usually bloats right after eating. Although I sleep fine, I wake up very tired and fatigued. Then by the afternoon I get some energy to do my chores. I am a vegetarian and my appetite is okay. I have been suffering with irritable bowl syndrome from about 27 years ago. I wish to get up early to meditate but feel... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Burps, Ibs, Loud
Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Ayurveda calls it grahani or sangrahani in which jataragni the digestive fire is altered producing the ama dosha in bodyAyurvedic medication advised for you for one month are- 1.Dashmooladi kwath or devdaru kwath- 30ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals2.panchkola churan- 1 tablespoon twice a day before meals with luke warm water3.pipparamoola churan- 1 tablespoon in luke warm.. Read more

Is there cure for IBS, fissures, gastritis, spasmodic pain

asked by fasihahmadcool on 31 January 2017 3:45
I am turning 20 this March 2017. I started getting diarrhea about 6 yrs ago from green capsicum and cheese. But as time progressed, my diarrhea got worse. I used to have debilitating spasmodic abdominl pain at night and it was relieved by explosive diarrhea. I had endoscopy which revealed mild patchy gastriti in gastric corpus and pyloric antrum even after 2 trials of H.pylori treatment. Then had... Read More
Reply  -  Related Tags: Fissures, Gastritis, Ibs

IBS with ulcer

asked by yashpuri on 13 January 2017 20:37
sir my weight is reduced in last two years from 75 to 55 kgs and there is stomach pain gas flatulence mucus in stool and diarrhea colonoscopy report shows chronic ileitis please suggest medecines... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, According to ayurvedic concept jataragni the digestive fire is responsible for digestion which leads to the further nourishment of dhatus in bodyStools with mucus is majorly because of decreased digestive fire which produces ama dosha in bodyNormally grahani(duodenum) produces the downward bowel movement of undigested food with the help of gravity and absorbs the nutrients from the same.But.. Read more

IBS and weight loss

asked by MISHRA1983 on 28 December 2016 23:13
Dear Sir I am 32 years old and height is 5'7 but weight is less than 50Kg, as due to frequent diarrea i am losing my weight. I have Ibs symptoms taken a lot of medicine, but still sometimes its ok and again start. Eating only home made food, no oily, not fried. All the reports are normal. kindly... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, In ayurveda the digestive fire is responsible for digestion.Loose stools is caused by decreased digestive fire and thus produces ama dosha in body.So agni nourishes the body hence is main sustaining factor of lifeNormally grahani(duodenum) causes bowel movement of undigested food in downward direction and absorbs the nutrients from food. But when the agni is altered due to dosha, digestion.. Read more

IBS - Diarrhea

asked by Leocr7 on 24 September 2016 9:27
Age 24 male . Had a history of antibiotic use . My symptoms started a year ago following a fast food meal . I had mushy diarrhea with undigested food particles every day 2-3 times . Irritation / pain / pressure in right colon or liver area (beloe the last rib ). A lot of burning urgency . My stool color was yellow . Could not digest half the food and hence I lost 10 kgs . Now I have gained it back... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: -d, Ibs
Dr.Ramani Says:- Digestion is a vital process that is governed by agni. When the agni or the digestive fire is impaired, it results either in constipation or diarrhea. Hence it has to be corrected with proper medicines that improve the digestion to reduce the symptoms. You can take the suggested medicines for a month and then review. Ayurvedic medicines like Indu kantha kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before.. Read more

You are great sir.ibs and gerd

asked by ajay..11 on 16 September 2016 0:33
Sir i have read all the reply of your. great sir iam suffer from gerd and ibs iam taking medicine from 8 Year.allopethy. Meri problem ye hai sir ki digestion tik se nai hota.aur bhuk ka ehsar nai bi mera ekdam dull hogya medicine is .razo d ,at mornin.and nexito forte at sleeping.plz give me medicine and your suggestion.h.pylori. is given in my endoscopy. thanku sir. Iam waiting... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Ramani Says:- Irritable bowel problems are seen due to a problem with the digestive fire. HPylori infection also triggers the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Please take the following medicines ad review. Try to eat small frequent meals and avoid larger heavy meals. Ayurvedic medicines like Kalasakadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml warm water before food twice daily, Organic bowel care capsules and.. Read more

Want medicines

asked by jaganmatha on 31 August 2016 10:36
30yrs, female, IBS for 9 yrs, Thyroid for 5 months, using English medicines, parents have diabetes,my son has IBS, asthma in childhood, tubectomy, married at 18th year, l have two kids, better sleep, bowel movements, anxiety, several times urine passing, burning in urine for 2 months, indignation, normal, low bloodpressure, 25 days, after thyroid last month 45 days. My son has IBS.he is 7yrs... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs, Thyroid
Dr.Ramani Says:- As with the mentioned complaints and the duration, please check for urine routine and let me know to guide you further. Normally, the urinary infection resolves within two weeks even without treatment. Ayurvedic medicine emphasizes the function of agni to improve your metabolism and energy levels Ayurvedic medicines like Indukantha kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Divya.. Read more

IBS Constipation

asked by Anjalisharma12370 on 30 August 2016 19:21
I am a 34 year old female, suffering from IBS Constipation from last 1-1.5 years, i am hyperacidic.i have continues lower and upper abdominal pain and also in lower back.I consume antacides thrice or sometimes four time in a day with Sparacid syrup and vomiting table, I go through nausea and intense burping attacks almost daily at night. I am in a very bad state. An Ayurveda doctor has prescribed... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Constipation, Ibs
Dr.Ramani Says:- Irritable bowel syndrome is a functional disorder which triggers the symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and tiredness. As with the medicines, you can use Gandharvahastadi kwath -15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily for constipation instead of Kutajaristam. Kutajaristam can be used when you have diarrhoeaSumenta can be taken to reduce the stress which is also a.. Read more

Suffering from ibs

asked by Haradhan on 28 August 2016 12:31
Myself Indrajit Chakraborty,I am 30 yrs old male.i am suffering from ibs-c from last 2 yrs .I have consulted to Asian institute of gastroenterology in this yr Feb .my problem is left side discomfort pain all the times , evacuation not completed any time , blotting gas, indigestion, I have no urge to take food, & some blood coming from stool.i have done all my tests at Asian institute of... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Ramani Says:- Irritable bowel syndrome is a functional digestive problem with symptoms varying in each person. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to improve the metabolism dn to strengthen the intestines reducing the symptoms. Healthy eating and exercise will be beneficial for a better well-beingMedicines like Kalasakadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml warm water before food twice daily, Divya-Udaramrit-Vati and Vilvadi.. Read more

Bloating and incomplete emptiness of stomach

asked by mukaddm on 4 August 2016 9:48
Namaskar Dr. I am 26 year old unmarried male,I am having the following symptoms- 1- Bloating 2- incomplete emptiness of stomach in the morning which sometimes cause me to go loo twice or thrice a day in last two years I had these symptoms three to four times,earlier it used to get cured within 25 to 35 day by allopathic medicines but this time it has been 2 months I am getting no relief. dr says... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Ramani Says:- Irritable bowel syndrome is seen in some with sensitive gut or intestine. Stress, unhealthy eating and lack of exercise triggers the symptoms. It is treated based on the symptoms and can be managed efficiently. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to improve the peristaltic movement and it will help to improve the metabolism. Ayurvedic medicines like Gandharva hastadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml warm water.. Read more

Ramdev IBS/colitis medicine

asked by Numbsoul on 27 May 2016 2:25
Hi, An Ayurvedic doctor advised me to take Lavangasava !! Do you sell it ?? Is there any other name for it. I feel vomit or need to go to toilet after meals. I'm also obese despite regular diet !! The reason told was swollen intestines ( aaton me soojan) and medicine prescribed was Lavangasava... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr.Ramani Says:- As with your query, Asavas are self fermented preparation of medicinal preparation. Lavanagasavam is manufcatured by some pharmacies as traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It can be taken as 25ml after food twice daily for a month and then review. It is not listed under the Arista Asavas in our Ayurveda shopAlternatively, Panchasava and Organic bowel care capsules can be taken for a month and then.. Read more

Irritable bowel symdrome

asked by Manojawtani on 10 May 2016 9:04
Hello sir i am 33 years male suffering from ibs since 5 years i have problems like gas and acidity and dihearia after eating food some times and stomach discomfort due to this i feel stress the whole day plz suggest me some patanjali medicine... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ibs
Dr. Spoorthi Says:- Hello, Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the complication of gastritis and acidity. Which also triggers due to psychological factors like anxiety, stress, panic attacks etc. It is also known as psychosomatic disorders. Ayurveda Medicines 1.Bowelcare capsule 1-0-1 with warm water after breakfast and dinner. Helps it keeping intestine healthy 2Kutaja gana Vati 2-0-2 with warm water after.. Read more

Ibs( irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea)

asked by kc288 on 23 February 2016 21:34
i am 26 years old ,unmarried suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with diarrhea. My colonoscopy ,endoscopy and blood tests are normal. In stool test e.coli. bacteria is present ,i took antibiotics but the condition is same , doctor told me that i am suffering from IBS. I regularly do pranayam( bhastrika, kapalbhati, anulom vilom,brahmriand udgit). sir, is nauli kriya beneficial for... Read More
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Help anyone

asked by irm922 on 9 February 2016 21:48
I am male , 23 yr old .. Having ibs.. Taking medicine of patanjali Chitrakadi vati and kutajghan vati.. Both 2-2 tablets twice a day.. Question is i am prescribed to eat after meals How much time i should take after meals I am taking after 1 hour after meals . No effect as seen in my bowel... Read More
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