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Ocd and pcod

asked by Kanchan1 on 15 September 2018 12:15
I am 24 year female.I am suffering from both pcod and ocd.I am taking treatment of ocd since 4.5 months.and also taking ayurvedic meds for ocd... Read More
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Excess bleeding from one month

asked by seema dargan on 17 August 2018 17:34
नमस्कार, मेरा नाम सीमा है मेरी उम्र 38 है मुझे पिछले 4 साल... Read More
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Treatment for pcod n heavy menstrual cycle

asked by Navyak on 16 March 2018 11:58
Hi, I am 29 years old I have been trying for pregnancy past 8 yrs and i have been diagnosed with pcod. I took lot of medicine and gone under... Read More
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Pcod problem remedies

asked by Merlin on 6 March 2018 14:53
I'm 30yrs old woman height 152cms, weight 68kgs, having pcod problem from past 10yrs I have one kid, now I'm having excessive facial... Read More
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Pcos and irregular periods

asked by Rupai on 26 January 2018 16:17
Hello sir, I am 23 yrs old....last 2years ago I am diagonised pcod through usg...doctor suggested me to take krimson 35...bt no... Read More
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Suffering from PCOD

asked by tamanna2491 on 23 December 2017 10:09
am 26 yrs female , not married, am suffering from severe PCOD, i had USG in which my both ovaries has polycyst. i am sending you reports on the... Read More
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Severe Acne + PCOD

asked by Cal_patient on 5 November 2017 7:01
Hello Dr., My daughter is 17 years old and she is having the irregular period. The blood tests indicate symptoms for PCOD (facial hair, severe... Read More
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Pcod treatment

asked by Durgesh nandini on 30 October 2017 13:42
Namaskar I am nandini, 28 years old, I have a pcod problem from last 4 years, Now I want to conceive also. So plz give me advice for... Read More
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Sir.....i m scared

asked by prakruti on 29 October 2017 18:50
Sir,namasthe.i m anjali age 27 height 5'8" weight 64kgs.i m suffer with pcod from last 7 years.we 've no children.so ,last time 6... Read More
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Height growth

asked by Shaddu on 28 October 2017 12:52
Hello my age is 23 and I have pcod problem in my family pcod and less height is genetic problem and my height is only 4.7feet so I want to... Read More
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asked by prakruti on 28 October 2017 7:44
Sir.namaste. i m anjali.age 27.height 5'8".weight 64 kgs.i m married.since 6 years ...i m suffering from pcod.but ,8 months back i used... Read More
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Menstrual pattern(PCOD)

asked by Rimmy on 26 October 2017 7:56
Hello, actually I have a PCOD problem since 2005, but after my son was born in 2011 my menstruation cycle is ok and but last two months I... Read More
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Imbalance hormone

asked by Shivikas on 4 September 2017 17:12
Age 26 Gender female Suffering from imbalance hormones.. small follicles in ovary Medication is going on. From 1 month. No Family medical... Read More
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Treatment for pcos with ovary infection

asked by shoit tiwari on 2 September 2017 22:33
hello sir my name is anu i am 27 year and from mumbai. i am suffering from pcod problem since age of 17 year. i started with treatmet and it was... Read More
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asked by prakruti on 6 August 2017 19:08
NAMSTE....i m anjali,age 26,weight 64,height 5'8".i m suffering from pcod from last 6 years.nd i m married.i want children. 6 months i... Read More
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asked by prakruti on 31 July 2017 22:50
I m anjali..age 26,height 5'8",weight 64kgs.i m married.from lastv6byrs i m suffering from PCOD.nd i want children.so,6 months i m us8ng... Read More
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PCOD, TTC , infertility

asked by Pkgk on 10 June 2017 12:02
Hello doctor,I m 34 years old, I m trying to conceive from last 4 months, recently I diagnosis with pcod and my gynecologist prescribed me... Read More
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Pcod problem

asked by Preeti Singh on 5 May 2017 14:32
Hello sir my age is 24 i m married girl i m suffering from overian two follicles cyst in right ovary cyst size is 19.318.8mm and 1514.7mm. My... Read More
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Having pcod last 2 yr

asked by Pankhuri on 21 April 2017 13:25
hello doc... myself pankhuri 27 yr old ,weight 55kg, married for 1.5 yr. i m suffering from pcod last 2 yr and want to concieve.. my menstruation... Read More
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PCOD from past 4yrs

asked by sirideep on 12 April 2017 15:18
Hi sir/madam, I have PCOS from last 4yrs with irregular periods where my cycle varies from 30-38 days. Also i have facial hair growth. I am trying... Read More
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