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DSRCT - Sarcoma tumor medicine

asked by shilpajindal on 25 July 2018 14:53
My sister Shilpa has diagnosed with high grade DSRCT sarcoma. She is just 38 years old now. The allopathic doctor advises chemotherapy, followed... Read More
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Consultation for treatment of sarcoma

asked by JP96 on 11 February 2017 22:44
I am 43 male, having metastatic sarcoma of rectum for 12 yrs.present complains of pain controlled with medicines, fentanyl and narcotics.... Read More
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Cure for Biphasic Synovial Sarcom

asked by Dheemu on 27 May 2015 14:32
My Son is 10 year old and diagnosed with Biphasic Synovial Sarcoma. He underwent surgery on April 10 and biopsy reports showed that he had... Read More
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Synovial Sarcoma Stage 4

asked by AnkVe on 11 January 2014 19:03
Dear Dr. I was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma in November 2012. The tumor is on the right side of the face. Chemo reduced the tumor slightly in... Read More
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Soft tissue Sarcoma

asked by akbarhussainmd on 14 February 2011 19:27
My Mother(48) suffering from Metastasis since 2006 after primary mesothelioma in 2003. She under went Chemotheraphy but the disease exists. We... Read More

High grade sarcoma

asked by sonal on 8 March 2010 12:21
Dear Sir greetings to you!!! I m sonal ,i am 24 yrs old,i found a very small cyst type of thing inside my calf muscle in may 2008,i didnt paid... Read More
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