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Stomach cancer or jaundice

asked by Arwa on 2 June 2018 0:11
My brother 46yrs old..he suffring from jaundice and stomach says he has last stage..but i dont beleive...please suggest me what can i do now... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Liver metastasis due to the stomach cancer causes jaundice. Hence it must be treated based on the investigations like ultrasound and other blood tests. Please let me know all the blood tests to guide you further. Stent to clear the excess bile, radiation and chemotherapy are usually advised to manage the condition. I shall suggest you the supportive medicines. Medicines like Varunadi kwath - 15ml.. Read more

Stomach cancer

asked by Stephen gomes on 8 May 2018 9:24
Please help me i have stomach cancer.doctors suggested me to go for chemo but i did not agree.they said the cancer has spread and there is no chance of operation.i am having terrible proble eating gets stuck and i h ave to vomit to remove the food. I am 46 years male. Taking ayurvedic medicine given by tibetan doctors of Himachal pradesh. I have no... Read More
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Stomach cancer

asked by Shanti devi on 30 December 2017 19:58
Mai shanti devi mujhe stomach cancer hai or mera treatment Tata memorial me ho rhi thi 2 camo bhi pra operation nhi hua mai aapke pas treatment karbana chahti please give me... Read More
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I have stomach problem

asked by HARPREET sharma on 11 November 2017 18:07
My age 35 male infected yeast infection and stomach problem last 2 months and take medicine from specialist.but till now not cure.please tell me ayurvadic solution.i shall be very thank full to u.I have not... Read More
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Stomach upset

asked by Aditya shetty on 11 October 2017 23:11
Female-72years Diabetic For the last one month her stomach is upset .whatever she eats immediately she passes out .so please suggest her some medicine Her diabetes is controlled.she is regular in her walking also... Read More
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My mother is suffering from stomach cancer

asked by Arunm on 8 October 2017 21:20
Hi Sir, My mother is suffering from stomach cancer and she is at last stage. According to doctor, she has 2 month time. She is still working as house wife. She cook food and do other work also she looks like fit but she is not able to digest food. Whenever she eat anything she ommit everything. I want to save my mother. Please advise. Patient name:- vijayadevi Maurya Patient age:-40... Read More
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Need treatment for ulcers and intestine infections and indigestion

asked by Jagsher on 20 August 2017 17:41
I have been drinking alcohol past 12 years. 5 years back diagnosed with jaundice and got recover. But from last 4 years had issue with digestion and even stomach is upset. Done endoscopy and colonoscopy and found ulcers which I got treated .But still have with stomach and also my bilirubin levels are always high... Read More
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Indigestion Problem, Gastric Problem

asked by punitishah on 10 August 2017 11:49
Hello My Name Is Punit Shah my age is 28 Years and my weight is 51 Kgs. From Last 4 to 5 Months I am suffering from indigestion and severe gastric problem.I also want to know you that i dont suffer from Constipation.After taking meal my stomach feel heavy and sometimes swallowed food coming into the mouth.I have also gastric, flatulence and bloating problem.Please suggest me the medicine as soon as... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, In weak digestion, the gastric juices are released in larger amount leading to incomplete digestion of food causing flatulence, bloating and burpingThe raised digestive juices when have a back flow causes the burning sensation in throat and mouth which later on may lead to mouth ulcersAccording to Ayurveda pitta dosha alleviation leads to amalpittaAyurvedic medicines recommended are as.. Read more

Stomach problems

asked by Rah12 on 12 June 2017 19:54
I am 39 yr 175cm 82 kg male having no BP diabetics or cholestrol. My father have gastric problems for the last 30 years and mother have diabetics. I was a smoker stopped it before 7 years and uses alcohol occationally. Normaly eat vwgetarian food but interested in non veg also. My problwm started from the past two years. One day i feel irritaion in the stomach and pain between thw blades of back... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, it is highly advisable to provide us the reports of ultrasonography done so with reports of other investigations done to evaluate the diagnosis properly also explain the symptoms experienced by you in detail like presence of bloating, flatulence, anorexia, bowel movements, urine frequency or tongue textureIn ayurveda, raised dosha affect the digestive fire which causes the accumulation of.. Read more

H pylori treatment

asked by rohitk17 on 29 May 2017 7:48
I m a male age 33 yrs.I just had endoscopy & biopsy of my stomach where it is found that I suffering from acute gastritis & bacterial infection of h pylori in stomach.I have gastic & blotting problem from 6 yrs.please advise the treatment & yoga for killing h... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, H.pylori infection occur in chronic gastritis often leading to non-ulcer dyspepsia, stomach aches, nausea, bloating, belching and vomiting or black stool sometimes due to inflammation of gastric antrum and corpusAntibiotic line of treatment which includes a course of metronidazoleAyurvedic line of treatment for gastritis is as follows- 1.Kamdudha ras- 250 mg with luke warm water before meals.. Read more

About digestion

asked by duke216 on 19 May 2017 11:18
I want to know which patanjali product will be best for digestion, I am 20 year old male. my body weight is 53. kg and hieght is 5'8" . I think My digestion system is not working well, I have tried patanjali sodhit harad , Hing. goli, chatpata Amala. I will be great full if you can suggest me suitable patanjali product... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, In ayurveda,jatargani that is digestive fire is considered as life sustaining elementTridosha imbalance leads to alteration of jatragni leading to indigestionIncomplete digestion of food leads to the malabsorption of nutrients in intestine hence weight loss occurFollowing ayurvedic medicines should be taken for 15 days then reviewed- 1.Agnitundi vati- 1 tablet thrice a day after meals with luke.. Read more

Problem of stomach

asked by parminder1984 on 19 May 2017 7:35
i am feeling little heaviness below naval, gas in stomach specially in night, feeling tired all day, like to stay on bed. My stool is not hard but i goes to toilet after 2 or days with little urge of passing stool. I am very confuse of what is problem. please advise. age- 32 gender male... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, In ayurveda,jatargani is life sustaining element which helps in nourishment of all dhatus of body thereby providing strengthen to whole bodyTridosha imbalance leads to alteration of jatragni where vata dosha causes hardening of stool, pitta dosha leads to improper digestion and kapha dosha causes the feeling of tiredness and lethargyFollowing ayurvedic medicines should be taken for 15 days then.. Read more


asked by hrpreeti on 17 April 2017 16:12
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Altered hormonal levels in blood leads to formation of many small cysts in ovary which collectively called polycystic ovarian syndromeAltered hormonal levels also altered insulin levels as pancreas is also affected which shows associated symptoms like acne, weight gain, diabetes and excessive hair growth over bodyAyurvedic medicines recommended are- 1.Pushyanuga churan- 1 tablespoon thrice a.. Read more

Cancer in stomach

asked by Anuj verma on 29 March 2017 20:48
sir mere father ko docter cancer bta rahe hai.unki age 60year hai. pencreas ke upar tumour hai bayapsi bhi 2bar ho chuki hai.but lekin doctor ye conform n kr pa rahe ye spread kaha se ho raha h.sir kya treatment... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, carcinima cellshave a tendency ti invade surrounding tissues since they can easily pass through basement menbrane and extracellular matrix in lymphatic or vascular circulationThis tendency is reffered as metastasis in which they attach to new organ and causes secondary tumorTo deteremine the primary cancer some tumor markers like CEA, PSA< AFP are done along with some imaging investigation.. Read more

Stomach and Skin Problem

asked by gops3012 on 21 March 2017 0:31
Age:28 Male Present Complaint: Skin problem since 1 yr,Stomach problem 6 yrs Family: Father Sugar BP patient, Mom BP Gas patient. Single 7-8 hrs night urine normal not exercise no dietary habits no BP problm some time Mukas problem in stool. Nabhi problem. I was suffering from Psoriasis since last 8 months. got cured from homyopath but yet some or the other day i m having some skin problem nd... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Decreased digestion leads to formation of mucus in stools and is refered as ama dosha in mala dhatu in ayurveda. Normally as the name suggested grahani(duodenum) produces the peristaltic movements thereby leading to bowel movement of digested food, and also absorbs the nutrients thereby helps in production of stools. According to Ayurveda,jatragni nourishes the tissues of body hence.. Read more

Stomach Disorders

asked by rajatgupta78 on 16 March 2017 11:45
Age -38,M iam suffering with stomach disorders, wekaness in body and have no medical history and no past illness or surgery. Iam married and sleep normal and had developed BP problems and take medicine for BP.For execrise i play badminton daily for almost 1 and half hour. For the last 10 -15 days iam having stomach problems like very mild pain almost negligible pain and gastric problems are also... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, A weaken digestive system caused by altered jatargani that is digestive fire leads to indigestion as the digestive juices are unable to mix properly with food and thus leads to incomplete digestion of food which further causes the malabsorption of nutriets in intestine.Mild pain in stomach needs to checked by physical examinationFollowing ayurvedic line of treatment should be.. Read more

Hurtburn & stomach problen

asked by rohit45 on 28 January 2017 6:56
hello sir, my name is deepak age 26, married i am suffering from many disease since 1 year like below 1. heart beat fast 2. havyness in head 3. heavyness in cheast 4. breathing problem 5. gastric problem 6. tightness in stomach 7. dizziness anytime 8. weakness anytime 9. heart pain 10. abdominal fluttering 11. fear 12. acidity age - 26 married i need help and permanent... Read More
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asked by deepak07 on 23 January 2017 16:22
Age 27 yrs, Female. Sir, last kuch month se gastric problem, upper abdo light pain thi, doctor se check -up & test kawaya to doctor ne bola ki AANTH me Infection hai, kindly share medicine in Patanjali Ayurved. Plz help as soon as... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Bacterial or viral infection sometimes happen due to contaminated or spoiled food. It causes severe abdominal pain followed by diarrhoea or vomiting. Please take the following medicines which will help to relieve the symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines like Indukantha kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Sooktyn for Hyperacidity and vilvadi pills - 1tablet before food twice daily.. Read more

Stomach problem

asked by ant on 22 January 2017 13:57
i am 21 year old girl .my stomach does not become clear though i go to toilet for 3 to 4 times and it is for 2 years and i am becoming weak day by day. during periods there is too much pain and flow. please help me.... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, The slow bowel movements leads to inability of of bowel to clear at one stretch.In ayurveda the abnormal vata dosha is responsible for constipationIt is called as vibandha in ayurveda where apana vayu is disturbed majorlyAyurvedic line of treatment advised is as follow- 1.Sukumara ghrit -5gm with luke warm milk in early morning2.icchabedi ras-1 tablet at bedtime then replace it with triphala.. Read more

Criticle problem

asked by tinks on 19 January 2017 15:07
hello sir, i am suffering from many disease since 1 year like below 1. heart beat fast 2. havyness in head 3. heavyness in cheast 4. breathing problem 5. gastric problem 6. tightness in stomach 7. dizziness anytime 8. weakness anytime 9. heart pain 10. abdominal fluttering 11. fear 12. acidity age - 26 married i need help and permanent solurion please advice any medicine &... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- The symptoms suggest a panic attack due to anxiety. Have you consulted a doctor for the same? Have you taken any investigations as advised? Please let me know the reports to guide you further. If the symptoms are severe, please consult your nearest allopathy doctor who will give medicines to cope up the symptoms. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to strengthen the mind along with a healthy.. Read more
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